3 Office Fashion Looks That Will Liven Up Your 9-5

Image Credit: Extra Petite

The daily routine of an office job is dangerously contagious for your closet. If you give in to the dullness of the daily grind, before you know it, you’ll be donning little more than a button-down and khakis every day of the week.

But, just because your job gives you the yawns, doesn’t mean your wardrobe has to as well.  Break out of the predictable office outfit stereotype! A little fun office fashion inspiration may be just what you need to spruce up your Monday through Friday threads. Here are three daytime hustlers who are completely killing it when it comes to work time fashion.

1)   Brighten It Up.

Image Credit: Color Me Courtney

We’re loving how @colormecourtneytook a simple outfit and made it stand out with the use of a beautiful bright yellow cardigan and lilac camisole *top. Trendy collared worktops and slacks can be different and eye-catching if the right colors or patterns are used. Finding an interesting and unusual color for your top can allow you to wear a neutral and simple bottom (like khakis or black pants) but still look interesting and fashionable.

Ready to add a gorgeous hue of a surprising color to your own workday wardrobe? Check out this comfortable Bella + Canvas Slouchy Women’s Tank. We suggest pairing the Mint Green or Coral color with simple pants and a statement necklace.

2)   Keep It Classic.

Isn’t it amazing how @can make a regular dress shirt look so gorgeous? We love how she took this classic long sleeve collared shirt and tucked it into skinny pixie pants to create the perfect silhouette. When a classic dress shirt fits correctly, it can really make an outfit stand out and look classy and professional.

If you’re dying for a classic dress shirt to add to your office outfit rotation, look no further than the beautifully fitted yet affordable Women’s Oxford Shirt.

3)   Mix Loose and Fitted. 

Image Credit: Attn: To Detail

Mixing a loose piece with a fitted one, just like @attn.to.detail does in this Instagram post, is a great way to show off your unique style. When it comes to office-centered fashion, a simple fitted pencil skirt or skinny pants go great with an oversized sweater or dolman-style top. If you’re experimenting with sizes, however, it’s important to never wear both an oversized top and bottom at the same time. This is usually not figure-flattering and can just make your clothes look ill fitting and not on-point.

Ready to tackle the perfect mix of oversized with fitted? Take a simple fitted pencil skirt or pants and pair it with this Women’s Flowy Raglan Tee. This trendy office look is a comfortable and fun way to stay fashionable yet professional.

Spreadsheets, emails, and Monday morning meetings can be a snooze, but that doesn’t mean your office wardrobe has to be too. Keep your work threads fun and exciting by adding some new and important pieces to your everyday work wear.

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