3 Rules for Wearing Leggings As Pants

Leggings can be a fun, comfortable, and functional addition to any fashionista’s closet. Years ago, you would have only seen leggings underneath dresses or skirts, at the gym, or in the yoga studio. However, in today’s fashion world, leggings have become a go-to for grocery shopping, brunch, or even date night.

The leggings craze is proving to be a creative, figure flattering, and easy clothing choice for many women. However, there are some rules for wearing leggings in order to keep them a classy and appropriate supplement to your usual jeans and pants selections. Here are three of the most important rules to consider when accessorizing your leggings as your main bottom threads for the day.

1)   Keep your top oversized.

Check out how Vanessa Rodriquez from Stylishlyme pairs her super simple black leggings with a gorgeous and comfortable oversized cardigan and classic brown riding boots. This look screams fun sophistication with an air of confidence and class.

Leggings leave little to the imagination from the waist down. This can be a bit tricky if you’re trying to keep your look on the side of elegant and sophisticated. But, don’t switch back to regular jeans or pants just because you’re afraid of baring it all. Pairing your tight leggings with an oversized chunky sweater or long tunic top can be exactly what’s needed to keep your look modest and lovely.

Want to create your own leggings and oversized top look? Look no further than the high quality yet affordable Ladies’ Full-Length Leggings. Pair them with your favorite big sweater or top and you’ll achieve the same gorgeous look while staying comfortable and fashionable.

2)   Keep one piece neutral.

You can create a look with your leggings that will turn heads! Pairing your leggings with a fun a bright jacket, like the pink one you see above, can add a whimsical and unique element to your leggings. This perfect pairing is a great way to show off a fun and daring style while still flattering your figure.

You don’t just have to show off color on the top. Switch it up and pick a neutral top with a fun and colorful leggings. If you already have a fun top with an interesting print or bright color that you’re dying to pair with leggings, we suggest keeping the leggings neutral and simple. These cute capri length leggings are just begging to be worn out with a crazy and eye-catching oversized top.

3)   Enjoy the comfort.


At Clothing Shop Online, we know leggings aren’t just for looks! Leggings allow us to move, run, jump, and just be comfortable in whatever we’re doing. If you opt for a pair of leggings, take advantage of that comfort and enjoy the freedom they offer your body movements.

Pencil skirts, dresses, and jeans are great for showing off your style, but if you accessorize correctly, leggings can be just as fashionable with the added benefit of extreme comfort throughout your day. Want your day to feel more comfortable? We suggest trying out these Ladies’ Capri Leggings in black or galaxy.

If you follow these three rules of wearing leggings as pants, you’ll have a fun, fashionable, and comfortable new option for your wardrobe. So, go ahead and stock up on your legging options now!

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