What Real Moms Wear to Workout

mom workout clothes

Moms on TV and in the movies can be seen trotting off to yoga class with their hair in a perfect pony, sporting a color-coordinated designer outfit, with a face full of pristine make-up.

But, let’s get real. As an authentic and normal mom, you stumble in late to your weekly yoga class because your son couldn’t find his toy car and continued wailing until you ransacked the house and located it under a couch cushion for him. Your hair is disheveled, your workout clothes are whatever wasn’t in the laundry basket or didn’t have too many stains, and the only color on your face is the bags under your eyes.

For all you real moms out there, Clothing Shop Online is here to help you keep it simple yet stylish when you finally find the time to get your sweat on. With the help of a few honest moms on Instagram who are keeping it real with their workout fashion, we’re bringing you four easily achievable fitness looks.

1)   The Comfortable Tee.

This video by
@leannayoga is so adorable! Not only is her baby the cutest, but she’s also rocking a super comfy and cute tee. You can tell from her advanced yoga move that the top obviously allows her complete freedom of movement, which is important for all yogis and fitness enthusiasts.

Looking for the perfect tee for your next workout? Check out CSO’s Ladies’ Tri-Blend Short Sleeve T-Shirt, which comes in tons of gorgeous colors!

2)   The Racer Back Tank.


This photo by @wreckedherfit expresses the amazing and inspirational story of her weight loss journey. The awesome cut of that racer back tank she’s sporting shows off her new muscles and slim figure. Racer back tank tops are a great workout addition for moms working out in the heat.  If you want to show off your muscles and stay cool, don’t miss out on a CSO’s Ladies’ Tri-Blend Racer Back Tank, available in several neutral colors that will match with anything.
3) The Compression Shorts.

You have to love this video by @fitmom_ace! How cute is her workout partner? Her real-mom workout outfit is also on point. Not only are the compression shorts she’s wearing comfortable and perfect for strength training, they’re also flattering and easy to pair with any type of workout top you desire.  These awesome Women’s Compression 2.5” Inseam Shorts from CSO offer a stylish and flattering look at an affordable price.
4) Layered Tanks.


Not only is @raising_perfectly_imperfect03 showing off her adorable partner in crime, she’s also showing off her great real-mom workout look. We love how she’s layered two different colored tanks to add a pop of fun color to her workout outfit.

The simple detail of layering two tank tops can bring your boring fitness ensemble up to par as a fun and well-put-together outfit. Check out CSO’s Ladies’ Racerback Bamboo Tanks in a bunch of cool colors for your layering pleasure.

As a mom, finding the time to workout is a hard task in itself. It can also feel impossible to find an outfit that’s stylish, comfortable, and affordable. But, with the help of Clothing Shop Online, real moms can now achieve awesome fitness fashion without breaking the bank!

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