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A trip to the beach in the summer time puts you at peace with sand, sun, and sea water. It doesn’t get better than that! You can enjoy all the benefits of the beach even more if you’re feeling confident and fashion forward in your wardrobe selections for your trip to the coast. You may have never considered your local beach to be a runway, but with the latest beach fashions so trendy and on-point, it’s no wonder everyone is stepping up their beach clothing game.

Ready to get in on the fun in the sun with the perfect beach goer’s outfit? You can keep it classic, comfortable, and affordable with a few basic beach duds from the Clothing Shop Online website. Here are a three ways to keep your style game on point at the beach this summer.

1)     Hats Off to a Classic Cap.

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You simply can’t beat the quintessential baseball cap when it comes to beach fashion. It helps keep the sun off your face, while adding a little color and style to your beach outfit. Check out this Instagram photo by @afleur13, showing you that beach dads can rock the coolest outfits on the sand. The classic baseball cap completes his relaxed surfer-dad ensemble.

Searching for a perfect and simple baseball cap for your next beach trip? Look at this Flexfit – Flat Bill Cap hat on the Clothing Shop Online website. It’ll be the perfect accent for your board shorts and tank!

2)     Prints on Prints on Prints.

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The beach is all about fun! What’s more fun than breaking all the stuffy fashion rules and mixing two different prints together? In this Instagram post, @noelthenoel shows off a beach dad taking a fun fashion risk and totally pulling it off. A vertically striped shirt paired with horizontally striped board shorts takes this beach outfit to a whole new level, showing a trendy and fresh collaboration of pieces.

If you’re ready to add a fun printed t-shirt to your board shorts for your next beach trip, look no further than the Tie-Dyed – Fusion Short Sleeve T-shirt on Clothing Shop Online. It’s comfortable, affordable, and the perfect touch of eccentricity for your next beach outfit!

3)     Tank it up.


You can never go wrong with a tank top at the beach. This perfect casual top gives you a cover up, while still allowing a few sun rays to kiss your shoulders. In this photo, @nadyaromaniv sets the tank top goal high with her relaxed and comfortable beach goer outfit. Her simple tank top keeps her cool, while still elevating her style against the sand.

Want to add an easy, high-quality, yet reasonably priced tank top to your favorite beach clothes picks? It’s time to order one (or a few) of the Alternative – Women’s Vintage Burnout Racerback from the Clothing Shop Online website. With a breathable material, it’s perfect for a hot summer day on the coast!

A trip to the beach is always a good time, but it can be even better with these few essential and fashionable items from Clothing Shop Online. Before you make your way to the sand, gather up some affordable and quality pieces to enjoy your time in the sun!

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