How to Wear Tie Dye in 2016

tie dye

They say every fashion trend is cyclical, and tie dye is no exception. While it’s most representative of the 60’s and 70’s, tie dye garments are making a come-back in a big way. With colorful, fun designs, it’s no wonder the most sophisticated fashionistas can be found sporting this mesmerizing new style.

Clothing Shop Online is jumping on this emerging trend with its extensive tie dye collection. Want to bring this trend to the forefront of your own 2016 style? Here are a few inspirations to get you started on your way to rocking the tie dye trend yourself.

Wear it casual. 

tie dye

In this Instagram post, @whitney.layman shows off her friend’s eclectic and casual style. His tie dye shirt includes a few different interesting colors and patterns that make this style a cool addition to any wardrobe. With a t-shirt that makes a fashion statement like this one does, he can wear a solid colored bottom and casual shoes.

Want to add a fun and casual tie dye piece to your wardrobe? The Clothing Shop Online website offers several options that make for the perfect colorful addition to your closet. The Dyenomite – Wave Short Sleeve T-shirt not only has a cute name, but it can also allow you to re-create this casual and interesting ensemble.

Wear it colorful.

tie dye

You’re never too young to tap into your inner hippie! In this Instagram post, @kifferdee shows us how her little tike sports the fashion of the ‘60’s and ‘70’s with his colorful tie dye t-shirt. It’s a great choice for the playground because the mix of colors will easily hide the stains toddlers are susceptible to in the park.

If these different patterns and colors together in one t-shirt really speaks to you, take a look at the many tie dye options on Clothing Shop Online. You really can’t get any more colorful than the Tie-Dyed Rainbow Multi-Color Cut-Spiral Hooded Sweatshirt. This trippy sweatshirt has everything you need in tie dye — tons of colors and patterns, all working together to create a unique style.

Wear it simple.

tie dye

Just because it’s considered tie dye doesn’t mean it has to be loud. A recent Instagram photo posted by @akanksharedhu shows off how truly classy a single color tie dye pattern can be. She wears a dress with a fun and interesting tie dye design that’s monochromatic.

If you’re ready to dip your toe into tie dyed waters with a single colored item, check out the Dyenomite – Cyclone Pinwheel Short Sleeve T-shirt on the Clothing Shop Online site. It brings the fun of tie dye to your closet without too much overwhelming color.

The tie dye trend has come back in full force and it’s time to have some colorful fun. If you want to take on this new fashion statement without breaking the bank, check out the Clothing Shop Online website today!

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