4 Easy Breezy Halloween Costumes

halloween costumes

The weather is crisp, the leaves are starting to fall, and pumpkin-flavored everything is sprouting up all around us. When October rolls around, there’s one more thing you should be thinking about — the perfect Halloween costume. The holiday will be here before you know it! If you’re looking for a realistic, fun, comfortable, and affordable costume, look no further than Clothing Shop Online.

The best part about shopping at CSO for this year’s costume is the 10% off sitewide sale that’s going on right now. You can score everything you need to look awesome for the holiday at a discounted price by entering the code SPOOKYFUN at checkout. Not sure where to begin to make it the best Halloween ever? Here are a few ideas straight from the CSO website that are simple yet creative.

halloween costumesBe a brave firefighter. The ML Kishigo – Soft Shell Jacket is the perfect firefighter outfit for your Halloween costume. The jacket and pants are made from waterproof and seam sealed materials, so just in case it’s a rainy Halloween night, you’ll be nice and dry. With silver reflective material detailing the legs and arms, you’ll also be highly visible at dark Halloween parties or while out trick-or-treating in the neighborhood. Simply add some rain boots to this ensemble and you’ll look like you’ve been saving cats from trees all day.

Dress up as a heroic army fighter. If you’d like your Halloween costume to be a salute to the military, look no further than the Badger – Camo Short Sleeve T-shirt on the Clothing Shop Online website. If you’re looking for more casual and warm way to channel your inner army fighter, check out the J. America – Tailgate Polyester Hooded Pullover Sweatshirt. With a cozy spot for your drink and drawstring hood, you can’t go wrong with this costume.

Be a dutiful traffic cop. This creative Halloween costume is one of a kind and doesn’t need much planning at all. Jump on the CSO website and take your pick from safety vests like the ML Kishigo Ulta Cool Mesh Contracting Vest, the P Series Mesh Vest, or the Economy Six Pocket Mesh Vest, and you’re well on your way to looking like a legitimate traffic director.  Pairing this vest with a dark-colored outfit, a hard hat, and even a Stop sign as an accessory will make for a fun and interesting costume.

Dress as a sneaky burglar. When you look at the Sportsman – Bottom Striped Knot Beanie on the CSO website, you might just see a way to keep your head warm this winter. However, this simple accessory also makes the perfect start to a burglar costume. Pair a dark colored beanie with black pants, a shirt, and boots, and you’ll look just like a thief in the night. This Halloween costume is sure to make your friends hold their valuables a little closer.

Don’t let Halloween sneak up on you this year. Take advantage of the 10% off site wide sale at Clothing Shop Online and let your imagination run wild. A simple, fun, yet affordable Halloween costume is right at your fingertips!


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