3 DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

diy halloween costumes for kids
Photo Cred: @steviez16

One of the best parts of the upcoming Halloween holiday is being able to tap into your creative side. From carving pumpkins to baking creepy cookies to decorating your home, Halloween can truly get you inspired to put your own DIY spin on everything spooky. One of the most exciting creative projects you’ll have around this time of year is tackling a Halloween costume for your child. If you’ve spent your last creative drop and feel stumped, take a look at the Clothing Shop Online website. There are tons of affordable basics that can help you get enthused to start an original creation for your little one. Here are a few real-life ideas to get your creative juices flowing and spark some genius costume ideas.

A children’s book character.

diy halloween costumes for kids

As you can see from this Instagram post by @usbornewithmaryfrank, channeling your child’s inner Waldo shouldn’t be too hard of a task. With a striped shirt, beanie, and a beaming smile, she takes her infant’s Halloween costume to new heights — and even matches along with him!

Thinking this might be the perfect character for your child to dress as this year? You can start with a striped beanie from Clothing Shop Online. Check out the Sportsman – Rugby Striped Knit Beanie in red and white, and you’re halfway to nailing the perfect Waldo costume for your child.

A popular crazy-haired doll.

diy halloween costumes for kids

IIIf your little one is into Trolls, why not make him or her into this favorite doll for Halloween? @ginalee shows us how it’s done in her adorable Instagram picture of a creative Troll costume on a smiley young girl.

To start off conquering this look yourself, order the Rabbit Skins Infant Fine Jersey Bodysuit from Clothing Shop Online. Accessorize with an oversized tummy jewel, some crazy-colored hair, and this Trolls costume is complete in no time.

Your child’s favorite meal.

diy halloween costumes for kids

Nothing is off limits when it comes to creative DIY Halloween costumes, even food. In this Instagram post, @_bearly.awake_ shows off her work with her son’s adorable hamburger costume. The best part of this costume is that it’s completely customizable. You could take the hamburger idea and spin it to your child’s favorite food, including dessert.

Whichever delectable treat you decide to create for your child’s costume, it’s best to begin the look with a C2 Sport – Youth Short Sleeve Performance T-shirt from Clothing Shop Online. This shirt is simple, comfortable, and affordable. It’s just begging for you to add some fun décor made from felt, construction paper, cotton balls, and pipe cleaners.

Family DIY projects are one of the best parts of Halloween. For your child’s Halloween costume, the possibilities are endless if you harness your creativity and some of the affordable and quality basics from Clothing Shop Online. With a little inspiration and a few signature pieces of clothing that can be worn again and again, you can turn this year’s Halloween costume into something special. So, get out the glue gun, ribbon, and markers. Get inspired and create some great DIY Halloween costumes for your kids to enjoy!

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