The Perfect Fit: Clothing Shop Online’s Bella + Canvas Sizing Guide

For t-shirt printing companies or businesses that rely on branded apparel, finding the perfect shirts for printing is crucial. It’s important to find t-shirts that customers are excited to wear because they offer a great fit, comfort, and stylish wearability.

On Clothing Shop Online, the perfect printing t-shirts are easy to find with the Bella + Canvas brand. The soft materials and comfortable fit will have customers flocking to proudly sport a business’s logo or order multiple artistic prints while spreading the word to friends and family members about their new favorite tees. Learning about the fit of Bella + Canvas affordable print-worthy t-shirts can help business owners to place the right order for their company’s needs, and relay information about the shirt’s fit correctly to potential consumers.

Men’s T-shirt Fit

There are many men’s t-shirts offered by Bella + Canvas that businesses successfully use as print canvases. The simple styles and high-quality materials make it easy for businesses to add their branding or artistic elements to men’s shirts, attracting the attention of male consumers. The fit of the men’s t-shirt can be the defining factor that pushes a consumer to make a second purchase or ask for another branded tee.

Bella + Canvas offers side-seamed t-shirts that are more conducive to the structure of the human body. These side-seamed shirts are available in a tailored or boxy fit. Both types of t-shirt fits are on-trend and attractive to men of all ages, so most businesses will order both types of shirts for printing. The tailored fit can be seen with the Heather Ringer Jersey Tee and is a favorite among consumers. A boxy tee, like the Unisex Tri-blend Short Sleeve Tee, offers more space throughout the body, and a more relaxed fit. These t-shirt fits are made of materials that are perfect for printing, and easy to wear.

A quick note about the men’s styles is that they are all listed under “unisex” rather than men’s. So guys if you are looking for your next favorite t-shirt within Bella + Canvas, check under unisex apparel!

Women’s T-shirt Fit

When it comes to clothes, nothing is more important to a woman than the fit and flattering nature of a t-shirt. A shirt that doesn’t provide comfort and an attractive fit will have a female consumer leaving a company in the dust. The Bella + Canvas women’s t-shirts focus on complimenting a woman’s body, so she can feel confident and satisfied with her printed t-shirt purchase. There are several choices for women’s t-shirts, including slim-fit, relaxed, slouchy, and flowy. Each shirt appeals to a different consumer, so many businesses find themselves ordering several t-shirt types to appeal to multiple women’s consumer categories. Some of the bestselling, easy to print on tees include the Flowy Boxy Tee, the Slouchy Tank, and the Short Sleeve Jersey V-neck. With several styles, fits, and colors to choose from, the Bella + Canvas women’s collection makes it easy for businesses to attract women consumers who will keep coming back for more stunning t-shirts.

For businesses who are seeking the best shirts for printing, the ClothingShopOnline’s Bella + Canvas options offer plenty of choices, affordable prices, flattering fits, and quality construction. Browse through all the ready for print t-shirt selections today!


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