How to Choose the Best Blank Garments

how to choose the best blank garments

Business owners, sports fans, and artists with exciting new printing projects may be searching for the perfect blank garment. Whether you’re attempting to advertise your business, make your creative art project come to life, or support your favorite team, it’s important to choose the right blank garment to make your print or logo a huge success. By choosing the proper garment to use, your printed creation will stay vibrant and last for years to come. Before you send your design off to the presses, be sure you’ve made the correct garment choice that will allow your print to shine. At ClothingShopOnline, we offer several brands of high-quality blank shirts, pants, hats and more that are made for printing. Here are a few characteristics you should consider before buying the garments for your next print job.

How to Choose the Best Blank Garments
C2 Sport – Performance Sport Shirt

High Quality Materials. The material used for a blank garment is important when printing. The material needs to stand up to the heat of the press without causing damage to the garment. The material used should also allow the print to adhere without problem. There are several types of materials used to create garments that are great for printing, so shoppers should focus on brands that are known for sturdy construction. The C2 Sport – Performance Sport Shirt offered on the ClothingShopOnline website is made from one of the best high-quality materials on the market for blank garments. The sleek look of the polo shirt makes it perfect for a professional brand’s printing project or work uniform. Made form 100 percent polyester, this garment works great for embroidery or other art projects.

How to Choose the Best Blank Garments
Anvil – Women’s Lightweight Ringspun Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Perfect Fit and Sizing. A garment can look great, but if it isn’t comfortable to wear, your employees or customers will not be excited about it. Garments that offer helpful sizing and a comfortable fit should be the only ones chosen for a print project. T-shirts and other pieces of clothing made from soft materials that are true to size make these items more appealing to your staff and potential customers. The  Anvil – Women’s Lightweight Ringspun Long Sleeve T-Shirt is a great example of a garment with perfect fit and sizing. With 100% cotton and an accurate fit that feels flattering, this long sleeve t-shirt is sure to please everyone once it dons your printed design or logo.

How to Choose the Best Blank Garments
Bella + Canvas – Women’s Triblend Short Sleeve Tee – 8413

Multiple Color Options. Another characteristic to consider when choosing the perfect blank garment for your printing project is the available colors. If you have a vision for your art project, or a specific color that relates to your business, it’s important to find a blank garment available in that specific color. You should also consider the colors your staff or customers will want to wear. It can be a good idea to purchase multiple colors for your print, so choices can be offered to those who will wear the garment. The Bella + Canvas – Women’s Triblend Short Sleeve Tee is a great choice for your next printing project because it comes in a variety of colors, allowing you to choose the perfect blank canvas for your print. With so many ClothingShopOnline blank garment choices, it can be overwhelming to choose one for your print or design. Follow these guidelines to make your selection and you’ll love the outcome of your next project!

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