Fabric 101: What’s a Triblend?


The ClothingShopOnline website offers many different brands and types of clothing items. The options offered on the site can vary by cut, style, color, and material. The materials used to design different clothing items are one of the most important characteristics of the piece. While color and style are also significant for any fashion lover, the feeling and comfort a material can offer may be what turns a classic garment into the wearer’s new favorite everyday piece.

One of the most common materials that’s become a favorite among ClothingShopOnline customers is triblend. Many brands offered on the site use this material because of its softness, durability, and comfort. What exactly is triblend and why has it become one of the most popular materials for t-shirts, sweatshirts, and fashion tops? Here are a few things you need to know about triblend products.

Anvil – Triblend Hooded Full-Zip T-Shirt

They offer incomparable softness. Triblend material is a combination of cotton, polyester, and rayon. This perfect mixture offers an extreme softness that can’t be beat. Items like the Men’s Anvil Triblend Hooded Full-Zip T-shirt are becoming a popular item because the material provides an added softness for comfort. When you put on this hooded full-zip tee, you’ll have warmth, style, and comfort. Triblend material assists with all three of these characteristics, bringing the wearer a super-soft and comforting feel.

They keep athletes dry during performance. The unique triblend material not only offers a softness, it can also keep athletes free from sweat buildup while performing. The material is extremely light and moves freely with the wearer, allowing athletes to perform with comfort and ease. During heated situations, the soft and light triblend material springs into action and stays as dry as possible without clinging to the wearer’s body. The All Sport Women’s Triblend Short Sleeve T-shirt is a great example of the perfect piece for an athlete’s wardrobe. The cut and style of the tee allows for movement and offers comfort to the wearer, while the triblend material maintains a natural moisture wicking to keep the sweat at bay.

Next Level – Women’s Triblend Scoop

They offer the perfect amount of stretch but hold their form. Clothing pieces made from triblend material are popular because the material holds its form after many washes. There’s nothing more frustrating than buying a garment that fits perfectly, only to find it has completely lost its shape after one wear or wash. Although triblend material is thin and soft, it has the durability to hold its form and continue fitting like a glove for years to come. Triblend material also allows for a bit of stretch when worn, so it can offer the perfect fit. The Next Level Women’s Triblend Scoop Top fits its wearer perfectly because the material offers a slight stretch. Even with the stretch, this garment will keep its shape after many uses and washes, so it’s okay to make a triblend garment your new everyday favorite.

Triblend is a soft, stretchy and moisture-wicking material that’s sure to impress. The ClothingShopOnline website offers many of your favorite clothing items in your new favorite material. Check them out today! 

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