How to Screen Print

how to screen print

If there’s one thing the ClothingShopOnline website is known for, it’s providing the perfect blank canvases for screen printers. Screen printing is an art that allows creators to show off their creativity, design and artistry skills. Screen printing can also be used as a marketing and branding opportunity for businesses to reach new potential clients and strike up a conversation with possible business partners. Marketers or artists who are exploring the world of screen printing may find it’s a sensitive practice with a steep learning curve. There are several steps that must be followed by screen printers to ensure their finished products are worthy of wear by fans and potential customers. Here are the simplified steps to follow when attempting to screen print.

How to screen print
Bella + Canvas – Women’s Baby Rib Short Sleeve Ringer Tee

Choose your canvas and create your design. The ClothingShopOnline site caters to screen printers and offers several brands, materials and pieces that are made for screen printing. The Bella + Canvas brand is known for providing key clothing items with a blank canvas perfect for any design. When choosing the canvas, it’s important to learn the materials your specific screen printing equipment can interact with flawlessly. For example, a garment dyed shirt may have trouble with dye migration on certain screen printing equipment, so this should be tested when purchasing. Heather blends and triblends sometimes cannot handle the heat associated with screen printing, leading to inconsistent results.

After the perfect canvas is chosen, a design can be created using professional image software. The software should assist you in separating the graphic by color. Each color needs to be printed on its own clear film positive. Keep in mind, the more colors you use in your design, the more films needed. This can increase the price per piece when printing and makes the set up more complicated.

Make the screen and start printing. To create the screen that will help to print the graphic on clothing pieces, you’ll need advanced equipment. Screen creation includes the use of photographic chemicals and a darkroom. A stencil, also called a screen, is created for each color used in the design. This process can be long and complicated if many colors are used in the graphic.

To begin printing, all screens must be inserted into the printing press and aligned. Ink is applied to each screen by the printing press and the ink is squeezed through the mesh areas of the press and onto the shirt when pressure is applied. The rotary printing press is the most common type of press used for screen printing, but a flat-bed or cylinder printing press may also be used.

Let it dry and cool. After printing, it is crucial that the designed pieces are dried correctly. Using a correct drying technique allows the ink to cure and cool before being worn or washed. This ensures the design will stay on the shirt without smudging, melting or fading. A screen-printed clothing item needs to be dried at 350 degrees for about 40 seconds. It also needs ample cooling time before being handled or worn.

Now that you’re a screen printing expert, check out ClothingShopOnline and pick out your next blank canvas. With a little creativity and a whole lot of skill, you can screen print your own art or marketing in no time!

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