Brand Spotlight: Comfort Colors

Comfort Colors® is a heritage brand that goes back forty-five years. Known for its organic colors and quality finishes, Comfort Colors® offers sustainable wardrobe staples for the entire family. Particularly proud of its dyeing process, Comfort Colors® garment dyes its fabrics, which means clothes are dyed after they’ve been constructed in either rotary dye drums or paddle machines. While there’s a range of ways to garment dye fabrics, this small-batch approach creates softer clothing that’s more resistant to shrinking. Garment dyeing also eliminates the need for the company to stock large amounts of specific colors that could otherwise go out of style before being sold. Ultimately, the brand’s approach to dyeing is more sustainable because it only makes what it needs; decreasing the likelihood that their clothes end up in remainder stores or landfills as colors go out of style.




Established in 1975 by Barry T. Chouinard, a chemist known as “Dr. Neon,” Comfort Colors® originally began as a Northeastern company in Northfield, Vermont and then expanded to New Bedford, Massachusetts. Comfort Colors, rooted in Barry’s life-long commitment to environmentalism, continues several steps to minimize not only its energy consumption, but also “responsibly treat(s) all of (its) dye effluent reusing much of the water” used to makes its products.


Now part of Gildan Activewear, a Montreal-based company, Comfort Colors was acquired in 2015 for $100 million. After Chouinard passed away in 2016, Gildan shifted the brand’s manufacturing to North Carolina and abroad. Today Comfort Colors’ tees are made in Mexico and Honduras using USA-grown cotton, which are then garment-dyed in Vermont.


A Favorite of Clothing Shop Online


Comfort Colors is a long-time favorite at Clothing Shop Online. Comfort Colors takes a craftsman approach to its products. It still produces its 54 original direct dye shades in addition to newer colors, all inspired by nature. Garment dyeing, in addition to using 100% Ring Spun Cotton, delivers extra softness and durability so that pieces will endure multiple washes for years to come, producing a vintage tee effect. Comfort Colors offers versatile and undecorated basics – from tees, hoodies, pants and shorts to jackets – that can be layered or worn in a variety of ways to the beach, at home, to school or work. The brand offers a relaxed, preppy look associated with an American emphasis on durable comfort.


Old is New Again



Likely behind one of your favorite tees hanging in your closet, Comfort Colors is beloved by several generations due to its quality craftsmanship and vintage washed finishes. From tees and long-sleeved shirts to crew neck hoodies– retailors have found several ways to bring their designs to Comfort Colors fabrics. See some of Clothing Shop Online’s favorite styles below:


A soft tank top from Comfort Colors pairs effortlessly with chino or denim shorts and boat shoes:


Fig. 1


Whether you want to cozy up and Netflix and chill or watch the sunset over the ocean on a cool night, these heavyweight hooded sweaters with long sleeves will keep you comfortable through the seasons:


Fig. 2


Garment-dyed heavyweight ring spun long sleeve t-shirts look just as crisp with shorts or tastefully ripped jeans, dressed up or down at home:


Fig. 3


Every wardrobe needs high quality basics like those from Comfort Colors. Order similar garments for your business from Clothing Shop Online!


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