5 DIY Graphic Tee Ideas for Pet Lovers

Whether you’re a cat or dog lover, you can find the perfect way to sport the love you have for your furry family member with these 5 DIY graphic tee ideas for pet lovers. These simple and easy graphic tee prints allow you to take your favorite comfortable tee and turn it into an expressive and fun outfit. Clothing Shop Online has tons of t-shirt choices that can help you make your artistic debut. Check out these pet lover graphic tee ideas and transform your tee today!

Life Goals.5%20DIY%20Graphic%20Tee%20Ideas%20for%20Pet%20Lovers If your life goal is to pet all the dogs, this is the perfect graphic for you. With simple block lettering, this graphic can be imprinted in any bold color to truly make a statement. Choose a solid colored tee, like the Bella + Canvas Triblend Short Sleeve Tee, and the screen printing on these block letters will stand out and make your voice heard.

Cat Lovers.5%20DIY%20Graphic%20Tee%20Ideas%20for%20Pet%20LoversShow everyone the three favorite things in your life by sporting a comfy tee that states “Cats, Books & Coffee.” You can have fun with the lettering by using different fonts for each word or you can get creative by adding illustrations to the wording. If you want to sport this top in the summer months, start with a simple tank top that offers a relaxed and comfortable fit, such as the Alternative Shirttail Tank Top, and add in your fun design. Out of these 5 DIY graphic tee ideas for pet lovers, this one is sure to please any cat lover.

Don’t Stress.
If you’re a true cat lover and a word pun lover as well, this design will be your new favorite tee. Don’t waste this fun saying on a shirt that isn’t perfect. Consider implementing this great design on the Bella + Canvas Flowy Raglan Tee so you know it will be comfortable and high-quality. Choose a fun color, like the soft pink or true royal, to really make this look pop.

Dog Mom.
If your favorite job is being the mom to your dog, this t-shirt design says it all for you. Choose a simple base shirt, like the Bella + Canvas Baby Rib Three Quarter Sleeve Contrast Raglan Tee, in your favorite color and add in this graphic. Don’t forget the paw print for a fun and corky touch!

Dog Lovers.
5%20DIY%20Graphic%20Tee%20Ideas%20for%20Pet%20LoversIf your best friend is a barker, brag about it to the world with this funny design, which has made it onto our list of 5 DIY graphic tee ideas for pet lovers. A cursive or handwriting font may work best for this design, especially if you’re using a simple and soft white tee, like the Next Level – Women’s Ideal Dolman. Contrast the white and make this fun phrase easy to read with black or dark blue lettering.

When you’ve chosen your favorite design out of these 5 DIY graphic tee ideas for pet lovers, you have several choices for screen printing.

You can use your own screen printing press at home if you have one or take it to a local screen printer in your area. If you would like to try your hand at screen printing on your own, here’s a great starter kit to help you get the basics down! If you are looking for some more advance tools, then check out our list of tools that all screen printers need!

If you’re not looking to become an avid screen printer yourself, then do not fret, there are many websites who are happy to take the task of printing off you. All you have to do is provide your graphic. Here’s a list of sites that you can check out for your screen printing needs:
Custom Ink

You could also use your artistic skills with a textile color to draw or write on your tee free-handed. Ready to create your own? Then take a look at our guide on how to design your own t-shirt from start to finish. If not, then here are some great downloadable graphics that any pet lover would love.

Keep in mind that Clothing Shop Online has a great selection of products, including the best tees for screen printing. Order the blank canvas for your next favorite graphic tee today!

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