How to build a budget friendly work wardrobe

Whether you’re starting a new job, just received a promotion or are simply ready to step up the way you dress at work, learning how to build a budget friendly work wardrobe is important. Clothing Shop Online offers many budget-friendly work wardrobe options that are made from high-quality materials and designed by popular brand names. Not sure where to start to improve your work wardrobe? Check out these tips for both men and women in the workforce and you’ll be getting compliments from co-workers on your style in no time.

Learn about the dress code.

Budget Friendly Work Wardrobe

Many workplaces have strict dress codes for their employees. Take the time to analyze the dress code at your place of employment before beginning to purchase any pieces. There are several work appropriate items on Clothing Shop Online that will fit perfectly into most company dress codes. However, it is important to know the specifics of your employer, including if you can wear jeans or open-toed sandals. Some employers may also have rules against tattoos or piercings showing while in the workplace, so you will need to ensure you comply with these regulations throughout your wardrobe as well.

Make simple purchases.

Budget Friendly Work Wardrobe for WomenIf you’re concerned with how to build a budget friendly work wardrobe, it is important to remember you should only invest in simple pieces that will supply you with multiple professional outfits for the workplace. As a female employee, you should stock your closet with:

  • Cardigans & Sweaters: Choose colors that will match with many outfits, such as black, white or navy.
  • Blouses: You can choose a few blouses with bright colors or patterns and a few simple solid-colored tops to match well with other pieces.
  • Skirts & Dresses: When learning how to build a budget friendly work wardrobe, neutral skirt and dress choices are crucial. You can re-wear skirts with different blouses and dresses create outfits that are simple and inexpensive to put together.
  • Pants: Solid colored pants are easy to mix and match with a variety of tops.
  • Shoes: Stick to classic, basic and comfortable work-appropriate shoes.
  • Bags: With these options, your bag doesn’t have to break the bank and can easily increase your outfit’s classiness and sophistication.

Buy quality pieces.

Budget Friendly Work Wardrobe for Men

If you’re concerned with how to build a budget friendly work wardrobe, keep in mind that pieces made from popular brands with high-quality materials will save you money in the long-run. If you’re a male employee attempting to re-invent your wardrobe, you will need to buy quality yet affordable:

  • Sweaters: These quality sweaters will make you look professional and match with other items you probably already own.
  • Dress Shirts: These shirts are the foundation for workplace outfits, so buying high-quality materials is key to looking great at work.
  • Pants: Purchasing pants in solid and common colors can allow you to express yourself through your shirts, socks, shoes and bag.
  • Shoes: Your shoes need to be high-quality so you can stay comfortable and only need to invest in a few pairs.
  • Bags: Take the time to pick out a classic and high-quality work bag. This item is often overlooked by men but contributes greatly to the style of a workplace outfit.

If you follow these important rules for how to build a budget friendly work wardrobe, you’ll feel more confident in your position and ready to take on the tasks of the workday. Visit Clothing Shop Online today so you can create a workplace style that’s inexpensive yet impressive!

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