Fall Fashion Update: 5 Tips to Transition Your Wardrobe From Summer to Fall

Summer is finally melting away into cooler temps! You might be looking at your closet with disdain, worried about the crisp fall weather that’s coming your way. Before you get ready to spend your entire paycheck on warmer clothes, keep in mind that your transition from summer to fall doesn’t have to mean a whole new wardrobe. With your current summer wardrobe and a few budget-friendly and high-quality essentials from Clothing Shop Online, your wardrobe will be full of fall staples in no time! Check out these tips to help make your transition to the fall weather easier on your wallet and your closet.

Just add a scarf.

Don’t push your summer dresses to the back of your closet because the season is over. Your wardrobe update can include your cute summer clothes, as long as you add a bit of warmth to these outfits. Grab your favorite summer outfit and add a nice scarf to it in a color that compliments your outfit. Not only will the scarf add a fun pop of color, but it’ll also shield you from the fall breeze.

Lace up your boots.

You can also take a summer outfit you would usually wear with sandals or flip-flops and get it fall-ready by changing your footwear. Not only can a change of footwear give a summer outfit a whole new look, but it’ll also ensure that your feet stay nice and toasty. Be it paired with your favorite pair of leggings for a casual look or with a skirt for a night out, a solid pair of boots or booties can really elevate your summer outfits for the fall months.

Go dark.

While we would all love to stick to the fun brights and pastels of spring and summer, fall is unfortunately not the time to pull those out. Fall evokes the aesthetic of warmer and darker colors. By simply replacing one piece of a summer outfit with a dark color, such as burnt orange or dark red, you can fit right in with the new season.

Bring a sweater.

Another way to ensure you’re ready for the cooler temps of fall is to find a favorite sweater. Fall weather is perfect for layering and you could easily take a summer outfit and add a cardigan, hoodie or sweatshirt to enter fall with style. Having the perfect cardigan or hoodie with your fit gives off a casual vibe and can be unzipped to show off your top or dress.

Layer up.

Getting a little too chilly for tees? When summer turns to fall, you may need to cover up with a fall-forward flannel shirt. Flannel shirts are the perfect layering top because it offers warmth without bulk and also a myriad of colors to choose from to pair with your outfits. Pair it with jeans and a scarf, and you’ll be ready for the leaves to change color!

Getting ready for fall doesn’t have to be expensive! Just follow these quick tips to re-invent your closet for the new season.

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