Breast Cancer Awareness Month

If you’ve always wondered why you see so many people wearing pink in October, you may have forgotten that it’s breast cancer awareness month. During October, many organizations and businesses host events to raise awareness for this type of cancer and to raise money for research and patients. We’ve put together this infographic and blog post, so you can learn more about what breast cancer is, how to prevent it, and how to stay involved. You know what they say – knowledge is power!

breast cancer awareness

Attend an event. No matter where you live, you should be able to find a local breast cancer awareness month event in your area. Since so many organizations get involved with this important cause, there are a variety of charity events and gatherings, making it easy to find one that you and your family will enjoy.

Some of the most popular events include clothing swaps, 5k races, group walks, fashion shows, parties, telethons and shopping or dining events. As you know, most event participants and organizers wear pink to these events, since it’s the color that represents breast cancer awareness. Save your money to donate to the cause and buy an affordable yet high-quality pink shirt like the Code Five Women’s Camo Tee in “pink woodland” from Clothing Shop Online.

Learn about the cause. It’s so important to find out what you need to know about breast cancer prevention and awareness. During breast cancer awareness month, take the time to learn more about the disease, including when you should take preventative action through screenings. You can also do research on early-warning signs and the treatments available for breast cancer.

October is the perfect month to learn more about this disease and the latest research findings. Non-profit professionals and organizations usually make themselves readily available at local events to answer questions about screenings and other important issues related to breast cancer.

Support local organizations. In addition to attending events in your area, you can also volunteer your time at these events. The non-profit organizations that host events are usually looking for volunteers to assist them in ensuring the activities go off without a hitch. By giving just a few hours, you can help these organizations to raise money for the cause. You could even make your volunteer time a family affair by involving your kids. If your kids are joining, they should wear pink along with you, like the Hanes Tagless Youth T-Shirt. This affordable piece is comfortable, breathable and versatile.

If you’re feeling ambitious, you could even organize your own event in your community to raise money for breast cancer awareness. The money you raise at an event will go to research, providing preventative screenings to low-income women, and educating the public.

By reviewing what you need to know, you can support breast cancer awareness month by getting involved and learning about the cause. Don’t forget to browse our Breast Cancer Awareness selection, so you can wear pink and show your support!

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