Cheap & Easy DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

If you’re excited to celebrate Halloween but you’re not looking forward to buying a costume, you should consider taking on a DIY project. Making your own costume or a costume for your kids or other family members can be fun, memorable and a cheap alternative to a store-bought costume. There are tons of Halloween costumes that can be homemade with a few simple pieces and a little creativity. With the help of affordable items from Clothing Shop Online, you can complete these easy DIY costumes in no time!


Football Brothers Halloween Costume

Be a family of football players

You can create your own football team with these DIY Halloween costumes. Start with this simple Rabbit Skins Infant Bodysuit for your little one and create your own football design using white fabric paint. You can also use white felt fabric to create a football cut out and attach it to the onesie using fabric glue or iron-on adhesive strips. For the football players use blank jerseys to create your perfect team lineup. Add some iron-on letters, numbers, and logos to represent your kids’ favorite team. Complete the look with black eye makeup. Now your football team is complete and ready to take on Halloween!






DIY Halloween Skeleton Costume for Kids




Scary Skeletons

Short on time and need a quick costume for the kids? This simple DIY skeleton costume is for you! All it takes is a black outfit and white fabric paint or white vinyl. Come grab this Hanes Long Sleeve and these Jerzees pants and hop on over to I Dig Pinterest for the tutorial. By adding some glow-in-the-dark powder to the white paint this costume gets even spookier. Complete the look by painting your kids’ faces like a spooky skeleton. Your kids will sure “boooo” in the dark. Also, with the use of vinyl bones, you can pull this costume on and off with minimal wear and tear, making it the perfect costume to wear again.












Crayon Halloween Costume

 Box of Crayons

This DIY costume will brighten your day! Dress your family up as a box of crayons using monochromatic outfits. The Hanes Ecosmart Youth T-Shirt comes in a variety of colors that are perfect for this homemade project. To keep this cheap, try selecting tops that match bottoms your kids already own. You can also print out a crayon brand logo and stick it on the front of your family members or cut out felt details to pin on the bottoms of the pants much as they did in the picture. If you’re not up to creating the DIY hats, you can dye their hair to match the outfits instead! You can find a full tutorial for this colorful costume over at The House that Lars built.


Halloween costumes can be cheap if you’re willing to put in a little effort. These DIY projects are easy and can be fun to take on with your friends or family. With a few essential items from Clothing Shop Online, you’ll be well on your way to making your own perfect costume for the holiday.

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