The Fall Formula: How to Layer Your Clothes

Once fall rolls around, even after watching the weather report, it can be hard to figure out how to dress for the day. It’s that time of year where you need to bundle up in the morning but often find yourself wiping sweat away in the afternoon. Layering is a great way to tackle your problem and will keep you warm during those cold mornings while allowing you to stay cool when it heats up throughout the day. But how do you create the perfect fall outfit without feeling bulky? Follow the “thin to thick rule,” (i.e. start with a light article of clothing and gradually build up as you add on more). To find out how to effectively layer your clothes for the cooler weather, follow along with this fall layering formula:

The Base Layer

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First, pick out a high-quality base layer that’s lightweight. Short-sleeved, long-sleeved or button-down shirts in neutral colors are the best choices for your base layer. A neutral color can easily match with the other layers you put on. Keep in mind, if the weather gets warm, your base layer could end up being the only one you’re wearing. Choose a top that you like, that matches the rest of your outfit and that is made from a breathable and comfortable material.

The Main Layer

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Next, you should add your main layer. This layer should be easy to remove (i.e. loose enough, so that layering won’t be a problem), and thick enough to generate some heat, since its main purpose is to keep you warm. It should be thicker than your base layer and you can use it to have a little fun with your outfit and show off your style. Consider a light sweater in a pattern or a fun color that you like. Other popular layering options include flannel shirts and sweatshirts.

The Outer Layer

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Finally, time to finish with your outer layer.  When it comes to layering, keep in mind your outer layer should be the warmest one. Puffy vests, fleece pullovers or light jackets are great because they can block the wind and provide you enough warmth to stay comfortable outside all day. While you want your outer layer to be fashionable, be sure it’s functional for the weather you’re expecting. If you’re looking for a great outer layer that has style but won’t break the bank, consider a down vest. It’ll keep the heat in while also completing your outfit.

The Bonus Layer: Accessories

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Looking for a bonus way to add style and warmth to your outfit? Adding additional fall or winter fashion accessories will not only ensure you stay warm but will give you another way to express your personality. Gloves, hats, scarves and other soft and other fashionable accessories may be just what you need to accessorize your outfit but keep warm during cool fall nights. Maybe try something like this knit beanie. The pom pom on top adds a fun whimsical element to your fall outfit. Mix and match or buy multiples to wear throughout the season. Choose your favorite color and keep your head warm while showing off your fall style. No need to be flustered by fall weather!

Just use this simple fashion formula for layering and you’ll be comfortable, no matter the temperature. Remember: base + main + outer + accessory = your favorite fall outfit. What are your favorite fall go-to’s? If you want to add the pieces we mentioned above to your fall wardrobe, shop at Clothing Shop Online for fall basics!

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