10 Upcycling Crafts for Spring

A new season means a whole new set of DIY projects to try out, and with Spring in full swing, there are plenty of opportunities to try out your crafting skills. Why is this the perfect time to get started on those Pinterest perfect projects? It’s because of spring cleaning! With all the excess garments you have just cleaned out of your wardrobe, you have plenty of materials to fuel your creativity. You can turn a plain old tee into a new fashionable tank top, or an old over-sized sweatshirt into a two-piece skirt outfit. The possibilities are endless. So, let Clothing Shop Online give some ideas on how to upcycle your old clothes into new closet favorites.

A Sweet Summer Dress

An old button-down in a cute striped pattern or a denim chambray shirt is the perfect fabric to create a sweet little dress for your little girl! Not only are you creating something useful out of something old, but it is also going to be something that your toddler can wear throughout the spring and summer season. Not sure where to start? Take a look at this pattern by See Kate Sew, and get some inspiration from her adorable patterns.

A Wrap Linen Skirt

Another way to re-purpose that old button-down shirt is to make it into a skirt. With some easy cuts and a little work, you can make a smooth and breezy wrap skirt that will fit perfectly in your spring wardrobe. Stick to upcycling a neutral or light colored button-down so that it can be a great basic bottom for your closet as well. Start by following this pattern by Trash to Couture and get creative by adding your own flair to it.

No Sew Crop Top

Looking for a little less work in your upcycling endeavors? Try out this super easy idea for a no-sew crop top. All it takes is a few cuts, and you have a new crop top. Maybe you have an old t-shirt that you absolutely love, but unfortunately, it’s worn out at the hem or may be too short. You can measure the length of the shirt and see where you want to cut off the bottom at and cut the sleeves off and Voila! A new top for your closet.

Dip Dyed Tank Tops

Already have a tank top that you like, but maybe want to give it a new look? How about dip dying? Dip dying your tank top is a way to get a cool ombre effect that you would see in stores, at home. Pick a fabric dye in the color that you want, tie a rubber band around the part of the shirt you want the color to end, and the original shirt color to begin. Then, scrunch up the bottom of the shirt and place the dye where you want. For a little extra originality, make it a fringed tank top by cutting slits up the bottom of the shirt! You can even add multiple colors as they did at Brit + Co!

Add a Little Lace

To add a little pizzazz to a t-shirt, maybe try adding a little lace to it? All you need is a pair of scissors, an iron, some adhesive, and a fun stencil pattern. Take a loose t-shirt and create a fun piece of fashion with it to add to your wardrobe. Mr. Kate is an excellent example of utilizing this upcycle project, by making this cute lace moon t-shirt.

A Light Patterned Scarf

While it is warming up a bit outside, there are still some chilly days. A gorgeous and trendy spring scarf look can be created with only a few minutes of creative fun. Check out this fantastic tutorial from Make and Tell for some inspiration on how to create your own unique scarf for the springtime.

Fun With Fringe

Looking to add a unique accessory to your closet? How about a fringe necklace? Take a t-shirt in your favorite color (maybe two if you want to mix up the colors in the necklace) and cut strips of your shirt. You can either tie them to a chain or on another piece of fabric and trim it to your desired length. Brit + Co has some great ideas on how to make your own custom jewelry out of a simple t-shirt.

A New Hair Accessory

As the weather starts heating up, it is imperative to have a way to hold back your hair that is both functional and stylish. The Pretty Life Girls have done a great job by utilizing their old t-shirts to create these adorable tie-dye headbands. Not only are they easy to design, but they are a perfect way to show off your favorite spring colors.

A Customized Tote

We all see and love those cute canvas tote bags that have fun phrases and adorable illustrations on them but don’t you know that you can create your own? With some fabric paint in your favorite color and an everyday canvas tote, you can have a new tote bag that you can take anywhere! Take a look at this example from Burkatron where DIYer Caroline did this exact thing!

So before you throw out or give away all those old pieces in your closet, see if there is a way to upcycle them into something new and fitting for your spring wardrobe.

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