Maximizing Your Summer Sales

Depending on your screen-printing niche, summer can offer a boom in sales or a gradual slow down until the next season. For example, if your screen-printing business sells t-shirts with patriotic messaging or designs, the summer months feature several national holidays like Memorial Day and the 4th of July, which translates into a steep increase in sales.

Whether you’re gearing up your online business for the peak season or protecting against the summer slow-down, here are three tips for boosting sales this summer:


Follow Up With Old Leads

Out of sight, and often, out of mind, old leads don’t strike sellers as particularly useful depending on how much time has elapsed since they reached out to you. Perhaps you didn’t have the capacity to fulfill an order earlier or your inks or fabrics were held up in customs abroad. But never discount the power of a simple follow-up email, which can help to rebuild relationships or continue business conversations. Real-estate agents frequently send such emails directed at old leads in order to stir up new business or follow-up once they have new inventory that fits a client’s specific needs. Similarly, you can email potential customers with a brief message that reads:

“Hi __[first name of lead]___,

I hope this finds you well! Are you still looking for a bulk order of custom screen-printed t-shirts for your event? Our shipment of poly-blends came in, and I wanted to follow-up on our last conversation.


Your name”


Run a Special Promotion – celebrate special days

Your customers often have days off for particular holidays or they save all year with the intention of buying what they need or want at a price they can afford when special sales arrive. Rather than limiting your Internet storefront to running promotions just for specific holidays, consider an array of special days to offer discounts. Offer online promotions through email marketing campaigns, bots, and banners on your website, social media, and online ads. Some special days might include:

  • Seasonal sales tied to specific holidays (Memorial Day, Father’s Day, the 4th of July, Juneteenth, Eid al-Fitr, Labor Day, )
  • International holidays that commemorate particular demographics or beliefs, like International Children’s Day or Vegan Day.
  • Seasonal changes (from spring to summer, fall to winter, etc.)
  • Special events that encourage activism or signal particular values with which you’d like to align your brand (voting days, Indigenous People’s Day, etc.)



Disney, Apple, and other major brands don’t miss out summer promotions, and neither should you. What marketing approaches may work at other times of the year, may not work during the slower, summer months. Approach advertising during the summer months by using different tactics beyond your usual marketing approach. From social media to email-blasts, or from Etsy to online ads, it’s crucial you ramp-up your advertising efforts whether summer is a peak or bust season for you.

Regardless of your business’s size and reach, Google Ads can help you tailor your advertising efforts. However, don’t rely on default settings, which likely won’t help to focus on your target audience. Instead, tailor Google Ad to better drive sales.

Maximizing sales during the summer can help you weather potential financial storms during other parts of the year. Whether it’s a hectic or slow time for your business, take the wheel and advertise, run special promotions, and follow-up with old leads to keep up your profits.


Consider these insights on maximizing your summer sales from Clothing Shop Online!

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