8 Graphic Designs For Your Custom Baby Onesie

If you’ve got a little one on the way or have a baby shower coming up, it’s time to start shopping for adorable clothing and accessories for the little ones. First things first, onesies are an absolute must to have in a baby’s closet.

Sure, you can grab a generic onesie from the mall, but there’s nothing sweeter and more personal than a customized design. If you’re looking to create your own custom baby onesies, we’ve got eight charming designs that are sure to make you go “aw.”


The Snuggle is Real

This is a pretty cute play on “the struggle is real” –– especially for a newborn that spends most of the day curled up in a ball. Celebrate your little cuddle bug with this cute, clever design. Pro-tip: print the graphic on a super soft onesie to ensure the perfect snuggle every time.


 An Adorable Animal Face

If your little ones are inseparable from their stuffed animals, they’ll love animal designs on their onesies. Print a cute animal on their favorite onesie, so they can sport it at their first outing to the zoo.

A Classic & Fun Saying

“Oh, Baby!” takes on a whole new meaning in this tongue-in-cheek onesie design. The catchy phrase is the perfect addition to any rambunctious infant’s wardrobe.


Your Little One’s Happy Place

Because home is where the heart is, there’s no better way to show off your little one’s happy place than with this cute graphics. It’s the perfect design for a onesie or pajama set they can wear around the…you guessed it…home


For the Sweet & Tiny Human

Let everyone know just what your little one is with this graphic. “Sweet and Tiny Human” is a heart-warming and silly description of your toddling bundle of joy. Have the text printed on a simple onesie, then pair it with some striped leggings or colorful shorts for a fun look.



Welcome Your Little One to The World

This “Hello, World” graphic is great for a newborn baby. With its simple design, it can be adapted or resized to fit even the tiniest of infants.


A New Baby Bear

If you’ve ever thought your kiddo is as cute as a teddy bear, then this onesie graphic is a perfect choice. You can even design matching Mamma and Papa Bear tees for you and your partner. Wear them every day or save them for a family portrait. Just imagine the holiday cards!


For the Adventurous Toddler

If you’ve got an adventurer on your hands or simply can’t wait to travel with your little one, this Happy Camper design is perfect for the budding nature lover. Fun fact: this versatile design works with any onesie color or sleeve length.


The best part? All of these graphics allow you to complete customization of the final look. If you’ve been dreaming of your little bundle of joy outfitted in the cutest custom pieces, DIY is the way to go.

Download these designs for free and choose which ones you want to feature in your baby’s closet. Clothing Shop Online has a diverse selection of quality discount baby onesies you can print your custom designs on. With a wide range of top brands and flattering, yet durable styles, you’ll be able to find the perfect look and feel for your favorite little person in no time.

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