The Essential Fall Capsule Wardrobe Planner

The end of summer means cooler weather, which also means it’s time to transition your wardrobe from tank tops and shorts light jackets and full-length pants. If you don’t know where to begin with transitioning your wardrobe from summer to autumn, we’ve got four go-to tips and tricks for creating the essential fall capsule wardrobe!  

1. Clean Out Your Closet

The first step to creating a capsule wardrobe for fall is to clean out your closet. Whether you are using the KonMari method, coined by organizing consultant Marie Kondo, or your own unique method of organizing, clearing out your closet should always be your first step when transitioning to a new season. This allows you to reassess what needs to be packed away for summer and what you need to stock up on for the coming cooler months while discarding any excess that’s been weighing you down.

A few pro-tips for cleaning out your closet for Fall:

  1. Take all the clothes out of your closet and lay them on a flat surface
  2. Organize your clothes by what should be stored away for the winter, and what can be used for the colder months
  3. While organizing, also check and see if there are pieces that are too worn out or you just don’t love wearing anymore.

If you’re looking for more closet revamping tips and tricks, head over to our blog post, The Wardrobe Detox, and get some need-to-know tips on cleaning!


2. Planning: Color Scheme and Fabrics

When planning your capsule wardrobe, you’ll want to start by prioritizing color. While bright colors are perfect for spring and summer, Autumn is all about warm muted tones, like brick, ochre, and harvest gold. If you’ve got the time, and money, and an extreme passion for shopping, you can, of course, go out and buy a whole new set of clothes in these colors. But if you have a job, and family life, and anything less than all the free time in the world, you can easily build a fall wardrobe based on the colors you already have in your closet.

Start off by prioritizing your basics such as basic neutral tops in white, black, gray, and denim blue. Then layer on pieces that provide Fall-toned accent colors for a pop in your wardrobe.

Eliminate anything sheer, lightweight, or breezy, in favor of heavier fabrics for the colder weather ahead. Out with the linen, satin, and lightweight cotton. In with the fleece, tweed, and wool.

Additional fabrics that will keep you cozy from fall to winter include:

  • Flannel
  • Velvet
  • Cable Knit
  • Denim
  • Corduroy

3. Wardrobe Staples

A capsule wardrobe is a collection of clothing staples that can be mixed and matched to create multiple outfits throughout a season. It can be difficult to style a capsule wardrobe full of statement pieces, so focus on simple pieces that can be used again and again.

Here are some closet staples that you simply can’t live without this Fall:

While a short sleeve tee may seem counterintuitive for Autumn, it’s actually a must-have for your Fall capsule wardrobe (as well as for any and every season). For Fall, tees are the perfect choice to layer under sweaters, jackets, or long sleeve button-downs. Read our blog about how to style a t-shirt for colder weather, and discover even more ways to warm up this wardrobe essential.


4. Styling Fall Clothing

When putting together the perfect fall wardrobe, the #1 thing to focus on is layering. Autumn weather is notoriously fickle, so make it a priority to wear outfits that can be restyled throughout the day.  

The perfect formula for layering can be found in, our blog post, How to Layer Your Clothes. Every outfit should include, a base layer, a main layer, and an outer layer for flexibility throughout the day. The base layer should include your lightest items, like t-shirts and long sleeves. The main layer should consist of light sweaters or flannels, and the outer layer is usually comprised of sweaters and jackets. When prepping your closet for Fall, focus on layering an everything else will fall into place.

Whether you are getting ready for colder weather or just looking to shed some weight your closet, these tips will get you ready for Fall fashion in no time.

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