Creating the Perfect Care Package

Life consists of small, brief moments that happen when no one is looking and momentous milestones that we’ve waited and planned for, sometimes over a lifetime. It’s hard to know how to show your appreciation for someone you love when distance makes it more challenging.

There’s never a perfect moment to show your appreciation. Time doesn’t stand still and we don’t get many opportunities to show our gratitude. Sometimes the best gifts you can give are crafted ones that are specifically tailored for your loved one. There’s a reason that battered T-shirts with the picture of you in the 3rd grade screen printed on the front never gets thrown away. Or perhaps it’s that fleece blanket your sister gave you for your first apartment in a wintery new city.

Celebrate your friends and loved ones, whether they live down the block from you or across the world, with a simple care package that holds the essential items they might need.


For Mom

You’ve caused her as much grief as you have joy. No matter where you went, there she was, cheering you on and sending you care packages in college, your first apartment, or perhaps your first baby. The moms in your life always appreciate your thinking of them.


For the mom who’s always on-the-go, athleisure and activewear free her to get her to-do list done without restrictions. Hanes, Adidas, Badger, BELLA + CANVAS, Champion, and several other brands at Clothing Shop Online, offer a variety of headbands, leggings, tanks, and tees. Once relegated to athletic needs, athleisure has become the style of choice for many busy moms needing to keep up with active kids or full days. With so many styles of athleisure on-trend, there are many options to choose from.


New moms also often choose athleisure as they transition into their new lifestyle after the initial postpartum phase, healing in pajamas when possible. With how many times babies spit up or make a mess of eating, new moms may also need a megaton of onesies and other baby accessories unless they can do laundry all the time. If you want to go a step further, you can also create custom screen printed onesies with special messages or designs.


For Dad

Modern dads wear fewer ties and more hats and Golf wear to keep them comfortable. Remember that screen printed tee shirt from before? You can make your own heart-tugging t-shirt with a special design letting the father figure in your life know that he might be physically some distance away, but he’s with you every step of every day. Learning how to screen print is straightforward, though it takes a few supplies and some patience to tailor your gift.


And if that dad of yours likes to sit outside, sports chairs are another way to show him you’re thinking of him.



For the College Freshman

On the edge of the next phase in their lives, however, it may look, the college freshman in your life needs everything (unless you don’t mind them borrowing yours as they break out on their own). Clothes are always a good option, such as sweatshirts to blankets to hats in their new school colors. If you want to take your care package to the next level, you can use a company like Cricut to customize it with a special message or graphic to show your support.







For the Outdoor Adventurer

Or maybe your person appreciates the outdoors, even if your idea of the great outdoors looks like a bellini poolside. Fleece, waterproof outdoor jackets, and camo apparel can keep them dry, warm, and camouflaged.









For the Ultimate Crafter

On the other hand, some friends and loved ones feel their best when they’re able to focus in on a craft project that keeps them engaged and in the zone. The gift of creation is an experiential gift that does more than sit on the shelf. Several clothing products, like t-shirts, are great items to start screen printing on.


Here are some tips on Screen Printing from Clothing Shop Online to help them get started:


For the Kitchen Enthusiast

For those of us whose idea of kitchen fun doesn’t look like taking out, provide them with the tools of their passion. Gifts like aprons and dishtowels are great and can be customized with screen printing. Learn how to customize your cuisine-focused gift with Clothing Shop Online’s Guide to Screen Printing or our quick How-to.








For That Special Someone

Sometimes care packages also need to feel like a hug from a distance Whether your gift is intended for a family member, best friend, or partner, Clothing Shop Online has several comfy fabrics that “hug” like fleece blankets, while you both watch your favorite movie together from afar on Zoom or the phone. There are several sherpa, oversized fleece or reverse weave blankets to choose from that also fit the bill.








Choosing the right gifts to include in your care package is always a challenge, but tailoring it to the needs of your loved one or including a special message through design is a great way show them how you’re thinking of them from a distance!

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