The Basics of Screen Printing

Have you been inspired to create your own themed t-shirts as a fun family craft? Or are you a veteran printer looking to improve your skills? Read Clothing Shop Online’s various guides to screen printing. You’ll find below everything from screen printing tools, techniques, design insights, and even screen printing business insights. 

Screen printing is an easy, affordable, and unique skill that’s straightforward to learn. Whether you’re doing it as a fun craft or looking to earn income, screen printing is the fastest and most efficient way to decorate your tees. 

  1. For the Casual Crafters 

Perhaps you’re creating tees for a bachelorette weekend or for a family reunion. While you may want to showcase your design, your goal might be to create a fun tee for yourself or your family rather than trying to sell it. 

Get the tool: Besides being a resource to help your design needs, Cricut also has a large supply of tools that can help you to easily screenprint from the comfort of your own home. 

Get the design: Looking for design ideas? Here are a couple of favorites that provide you with design downloads you can use for yourself:

Get the apparel: Clothing Shop Online has a wide array of high-quality blank apparel in all types of styles and colors that won’t break your budget.

  1. For the Up and Coming Screen Printer 

Ready to take that next step towards opening up your own Etsy store to sell apparel? Or are you looking for some extra income? Then you’ll need to start building up your toolkit and screen printing knowledge. 

Get The Guide: To familiarize yourself with screen printing in order to achieve more professional results, read our downloadable guide, which breaks down the basics of screen printing. 

Get The Tools: Make sure that you have all the tools you need within your screen printing kit and know how to use them for the most professional results. Some of the basics you’ll need to get started include:

Perfect Your Design Techniques: From choosing the right colors to the size of your graphic, consider these steps before you dive into design. For example, what are the best programs for digitally creating your design? Here are a few kinds of software you can use to  imagine your designs: :

  1. For the Screen Printing Veterans 

While you may not be a screen printing newbie, there’s always room for improvement in terms of new screen printing approaches, ways to expand your screen printing business, or even just polishing your techniques.

Learn New Techniques: There’s always new information about screen printing, from comparing techniques like screen vs. digital printing to even learning how to screenprint on specific fabrics like fleece, cotton, and polyester.  

Become Business Savvy: If you’re looking to extend your business, then do it with confidence. Take some time and learn about how you can increase your sales or where are the best places to sell your products online. 

Gather Resources: Researching and staying up-to-date on screen printing news is the best way to improve your business. You can always lean on Clothing Shop Online as a resource for new techniques and developments in screen printing. 

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