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Do-it-yourself ideas and craft projects exist for every skill level and can help you to learn a new hobby. On the upside, new hobbies have been proven to better help us get into a flow, which can lead to enhanced performance in a variety of other areas of your life, either at work or home. Flow may also lead to increased skill development and improve overall creativity, as well as help us work through various mental health issues by giving us something to divert our attention in a positive way. Or it can just help us do more of what we love to do.

When it comes to the basics of screen printing, DIYing and crafting can be straightforward. Whether you’d like to create something for a family reunion or commemorate a special event in the life of someone important to you, DIYing your own screen printed t-shirt isn’t as hard as you might think.

  1. Basic Tools for crafting

    1. Basics supplies for screen printing

You don’t need a ton of expensive equipment to screenprint like with photography or extensive time and skills like with oil painting. A few basic screen printing supplies are enough to help you create decently professional-looking t-shirts once you get several techniques down. To screen print, you’ll need a blank silkscreen with about a 110 mesh count, a squeegee made especially for screen-printing, plastisol ink, an aluminum scoop coater, and a low-tech screen printing press.

  1. Where to purchase screen printing supplies

You can purchase basic screen printing supplies at either Michael’s or JoAnn Fabric stores. However, there are several places online beyond Amazon to source materials, such as If you want to find more advanced screen printing tools once you’ve decided if you’d like to really get into screen printing, there sites like that offer more advanced or particular screen printing tools.

  1. Kid-Friendly/Family Crafts/Beginner Crafts

Getting into designing t-shirts is a fun crafting activity for the whole family or even college roommates that you can do on the weekend. Tie-dying t-shirts is an excellent entry-level DIY craft. To get started, you need a few, high-quality t-shirts, preferably white, and some non-toxic ink that you can make from various vegetables, like red onion peels or kale, or regular, fabric ink. You’ll also need some tongs, rubber bands, a tarp, dye fixative, and Ziploc bags.

Kids also love finger painting with non-toxic fabric paint directly onto t-shirts or sweaters, which make sweet gifts for Mother’s or Father’s Day. Kid-made crafts are also particularly special gifts for grandparents, aunts and uncles, teachers, or godparents, who will cherish little handprints or finger paintings for years to come. Who knows? Your family crafts might even get hung up in a shadow box in someone’s home to be reminded of your little one.

  1. Clothing/Fashion Crafts

Crafting your own clothes ensures that you’ll have a unique, screen-printed piece to wear under a tailored blazer or bomber jacket. You can also upcycle your own garments or those from other people into new DIY outfits that reflect your passions rather than spending hundreds of dollars. Who knows? You might even attract someone’s attention for your street style and turn your DIYs into a revenue stream.

  1. Holiday Crafts

DIYed crafts are memorable gifts that you can give at the holidays, especially Christmas. Often the most sentimental and thoughtful gifts are the ones we invest time and energy on which lets our loved ones know, no matter how something turns out, that we’re thinking about them.

You can also DIY t-shirts for other special occasions, like a 4th of July BBQ cook-out or party, a Juneteenth celebration or birthday. And if you’re thinking ahead for a costume party or Halloween costume, remember that the best costumes, the ones that most often win prizes or respect, are DIYed Halloween costumes. Not only do they save you money, but they ensure you won’t show up looking like anyone else.

  1. How to Sell Your Crafts

Over time, you might find that you not only really enjoy crafting, but that other people want to buy your DIYed work because of its uniqueness or high-quality or both. More people are looking to crafters on websites like Etsy or eBay to scope out original, handmade gifts that are sometimes customizable because they want to give something more interesting than a store-bought object that loved ones may easily forget. Some crafters have turned their handmade businesses into stand-alone website driven businesses that have caught the attention of major blogs and magazines like Vogue.

Not only that, but more consumers have also become invested in supporting small, grassroots businesses that sell handmade crafts because it speaks to their values, culture, or interests. Rather than making corporations wealthier, these consumers are determined to buy handmade because it directly supports someone’s family or further fuels a seller’s business interests. Marketing your crafts on-line is as important as where to sell handmade crafts online. Whether your business is woman-owned, Black or POC-owned, or reflects your shared values or interests with a specific community, consider communicating your hard work to your buyers so they know that their purchases mean more than just bolstering corporate consumerism.

Getting into DIYing and crafting doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. There are so many ways to start DIYing that you don’t have to worry about having any set skills; only your imagination limits what you can make. Consider these crafting tips from Clothing Shop Online to get started on your crafting ideas!

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