Good, Better, Best

Learning how to choose what kind of t-shirt to use for your craft or screen-printing project depends on your crafting or screen-printing business needs. Some fabric and screen-printing choices make more sense for your bottom line than others. Or perhaps you’re looking for a different kind of t-shirt for your business due to changing needs.Continue reading “Good, Better, Best”

Getting The Most Out of Your Wardrobe

There are all kinds of wardrobes to suit our needs. But what works for one person’s lifestyle, may not for another. So it’s important to remember that fashion is personal, a reflection of how we view ourselves and the world around us, as well as the times (and climates) in which we live. Though stylesContinue reading “Getting The Most Out of Your Wardrobe”

The Vacation Packing List

You’ve saved to go on a vacation. You’ve booked your house rental or camping site. You’ve taken time off from work. The kids are even excited. But preparing for your family vacation, without a packing list, can leave important items behind or affect your vacation. Before Packing, Some Security Considerations Before leaving your home, securingContinue reading “The Vacation Packing List”

The Clothing Care Guide

Buying clothes created to last is one thing. Making them last is another. From knowing what fabrics last to learning how to care for them, sometimes clothing care can feel like a guessing game despite their fabric care instructions. Properly caring for your clothes helps you save money over the long haul, potentially enabling youContinue reading “The Clothing Care Guide”

DIYs & Crafts with Clothing Shop Online

Do-it-yourself ideas and craft projects exist for every skill level and can help you to learn a new hobby. On the upside, new hobbies have been proven to better help us get into a flow, which can lead to enhanced performance in a variety of other areas of your life, either at work or home.Continue reading “DIYs & Crafts with Clothing Shop Online”

The Basics of Screen Printing

Have you been inspired to create your own themed t-shirts as a fun family craft? Or are you a veteran printer looking to improve your skills? Read Clothing Shop Online’s various guides to screen printing. You’ll find below everything from screen printing tools, techniques, design insights, and even screen printing business insights.  Screen printing isContinue reading “The Basics of Screen Printing”

Creating the Perfect Care Package

Life consists of small, brief moments that happen when no one is looking and momentous milestones that we’ve waited and planned for, sometimes over a lifetime. It’s hard to know how to show your appreciation for someone you love when distance makes it more challenging. There’s never a perfect moment to show your appreciation. TimeContinue reading “Creating the Perfect Care Package”

Tools That Every Screen Printer Should Have

While there are many styles and approaches to screen printing, you’ll need a handful of basic tools to produce a variety of designs. Screen-printing is a technique by which designs are reproduced by transferring ink through a stenciled, mesh screen onto a substrate. The technique is also sometimes referred to as silkscreen printing or serigraphy.Continue reading “Tools That Every Screen Printer Should Have”

Five Ways to Wear a Classic White Tee

Marlon Brando channels a new sex appeal with it in A Street Car Named Desire. “The Rolling Stones” wore theirs with leather. Madonna wore it with pearls and black net stockings. TLC cut theirs at the midriff. Classic white tees have been a timeless staple of wardrobes for decades, even centuries. From medieval times asContinue reading “Five Ways to Wear a Classic White Tee”