Choosing the Perfect Hoodie

by Maya Bornstein Whether you’re a jogger, fireplace snuggler, or college student at 8am, hoodies are an indispensable part of your wardrobe. A layering essential, hoodies can be zipped up, left loose, or slung over a shoulder. With the wealth of hoodie options provided to you by ClothingShopOnline, it can be a little overwhelming toContinue reading “Choosing the Perfect Hoodie”

ClothingShopOnline’s Hottest Summer Styles

Summer is the ultimate time to show off your tan skin, beach body, and flair for fashion. With the wealth of flowing, fun, and sexy summer styles hitting racks around the globe, the opportunities to look cool when it’s hot out become virtually endless. But beware! Fashion can be a fickle friend, so it’s importantContinue reading “ClothingShopOnline’s Hottest Summer Styles”

What to Wear to Your First Yoga Class

Because of its spiritual roots and long prevalence in the Eastern world, yoga has been associated with all the new-age, tofu-eatin’, wheatgrass-shootin’, granola hippie-dippy stuff. But since its emergence into American culture in the 1960’s, this Ancient Indian practice has undergone a dramatic rise in popularity. The public loves yoga, not only as a spiritualContinue reading “What to Wear to Your First Yoga Class”

Training Gear Worn by Olympians

With the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London on the horizon, excitement is running high all over the world. While audiences gear up to enjoy the two-week serving of competitive sporting events, like running, cycling, swimming, diving, tennis, basketball and a whole host of others, participating athletes from all over the world train to takeContinue reading “Training Gear Worn by Olympians”

Clothing Shop Online Makes Fashion Easy for Men

Here’s the thing about being a guy: you’ve got to look good, without looking like you’re trying to look good… or actually trying. The last thing on most men’s minds is fashion, but when it comes to the things men do care about – landing jobs, sculpting guns, or wooing beautiful ladies – clothing choiceContinue reading “Clothing Shop Online Makes Fashion Easy for Men”