Screen Printing vs. Digital Printing – What is the right choice for your business?

With so many options, it’s sometimes difficult to know how to decide between on-demand digital vs. screen printing. Both techniques offer different advantages, but usually cannot be used interchangeably depending on your design and printing goals. Consider Clothing Shop Online’s break-down of digital printing and more traditional screen printing in order to help you decideContinue reading “Screen Printing vs. Digital Printing – What is the right choice for your business?”

5 Tips to Start Your Online Business

Online businesses offer several advantages over traditional brick and mortar ones, but they require no less preparation and even have their own unique challenges. The primary advantage of an online business is the significantly reduced overhead, but you will still need to address the core concerns of any business: building your brand and driving customerContinue reading “5 Tips to Start Your Online Business”

4th of July DIYs

Longer days, ice cream melting down a hand and fireworks, bigger than the sky. The 4th of July celebrates a history of independence during the acme of summer, with its small joys and heat expanding under our nails. Donning red, white, and blue means different things to different people – coming to America, various culturesContinue reading “4th of July DIYs”

Etsy Store Do’s and Don’ts

As the largest e-commerce website for handmade items, Etsy helps thousands of small business owners launch their products. Etsy’s simple online set-up wizard creates a “shop” interface that builds sellers’ web presence without the expensive hassle of building and maintaining an individual website. Etsy products are primarily craft-oriented or handmade items such as jewelry andContinue reading “Etsy Store Do’s and Don’ts”

Maximizing Your Summer Sales

Depending on your screen-printing niche, summer can offer a boom in sales or a gradual slow down until the next season. For example, if your screen-printing business sells t-shirts with patriotic messaging or designs, the summer months feature several national holidays like Memorial Day and the 4th of July, which translates into a steep increaseContinue reading “Maximizing Your Summer Sales”

Screen Print 101: Choosing The Right Ink

Ink can make or break a screen printing project. From plastisol to water-based, various inks perform differently over time under the pressures of heat and multiple washes. To complicate things further, various fabrics require specific inks to be used to ensure longevity or a particular design effect. Knowing which one to choose for your screenContinue reading “Screen Print 101: Choosing The Right Ink”

T-Shirts 101 – Basics of Buying Tees

Around the globe, the humble t-shirt has evolved into the cornerstone of most people’s wardrobes. As a result, printing on t-shirts and selling them online has become a popular choice for many entrepreneurs. How you choose what kind of t-shirt will suit your project remains a crucial first step to ensuring your clients receive aContinue reading “T-Shirts 101 – Basics of Buying Tees”

10 Upcycling Crafts for Spring

A new season means a whole new set of DIY projects to try out, and with Spring in full swing, there are plenty of opportunities to try out your crafting skills. Why is this the perfect time to get started on those Pinterest perfect projects? It’s because of spring cleaning! With all the excess garmentsContinue reading “10 Upcycling Crafts for Spring”

The Clothing Shop Online Screen Print Guide

Ready to get your screen printing business started? Clothing Shop Online has compiled the best tips and tricks in our screen printing guide. From gathering the right supplies to the best techniques for ink application, we’ve got all the information you need to get started with screen printing. Check out our easy to follow guidelines,Continue reading “The Clothing Shop Online Screen Print Guide”

Wardrobe Essentials: Spring Capsule Wardrobe

Ah, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and flowers are blooming. Spring is here and you know what that means…it is time to update your wardrobe! We have all searched our Pinterest boards and have saved pictures of influencers in pretty pastels, lightweight sweaters, and adorable flats, and we are ready to startContinue reading “Wardrobe Essentials: Spring Capsule Wardrobe”