DIYs & Crafts with Clothing Shop Online

Do-it-yourself ideas and craft projects exist for every skill level and can help you to learn a new hobby. On the upside, new hobbies have been proven to better help us get into a flow, which can lead to enhanced performance in a variety of other areas of your life, either at work or home.Continue reading “DIYs & Crafts with Clothing Shop Online”

5 Places to Sell Handmade Craft Items Online

Less than twenty years ago, sellers of handmade crafts were limited to expensive brick and mortar stores, local craft fairs and flea markets to sell their products. Since that comparably pre-historic age of eCommerce, online stores selling handmade craft items have flourished into a multi-billion-dollar industry. According to the Association for Creative Industries, a 2016Continue reading “5 Places to Sell Handmade Craft Items Online”

8 Graphic Designs For Your Custom Baby Onesie

If you’ve got a little one on the way or have a baby shower coming up, it’s time to start shopping for adorable clothing and accessories for the little ones. First things first, onesies are an absolute must to have in a baby’s closet. Sure, you can grab a generic onesie from the mall, butContinue reading “8 Graphic Designs For Your Custom Baby Onesie”

4th of July DIYs

Longer days, ice cream melting down a hand and fireworks, bigger than the sky. The 4th of July celebrates a history of independence during the acme of summer, with its small joys and heat expanding under our nails. Donning red, white, and blue means different things to different people – coming to America, various culturesContinue reading “4th of July DIYs”

10 Upcycling Crafts for Spring

A new season means a whole new set of DIY projects to try out, and with Spring in full swing, there are plenty of opportunities to try out your crafting skills. Why is this the perfect time to get started on those Pinterest perfect projects? It’s because of spring cleaning! With all the excess garmentsContinue reading “10 Upcycling Crafts for Spring”

14 Cheap & Easy DIY Christmas Gifts

The holidays are a time for fun and laughter, but it can feel overwhelming with the long to-do list you have. In between decorating your home, sending out Christmas cards and visiting your family, somehow, you also have to fit in all your gift shopping! If it’s your Christmas shopping list that’s stressing you out, weContinue reading “14 Cheap & Easy DIY Christmas Gifts”

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

If you’ve always wondered why you see so many people wearing pink in October, you may have forgotten that it’s breast cancer awareness month. During October, many organizations and businesses host events to raise awareness for this type of cancer and to raise money for research and patients. We’ve put together this infographic and blogContinue reading “Breast Cancer Awareness Month”

Cheap & Easy DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

If you’re excited to celebrate Halloween but you’re not looking forward to buying a costume, you should consider taking on a DIY project. Making your own costume or a costume for your kids or other family members can be fun, memorable and a cheap alternative to a store-bought costume. There are tons of Halloween costumesContinue reading “Cheap & Easy DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids”

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day Right

Unless you want to get pinched, you better find something green to sport this St. Patrick’s Day. Lucky for you, Clothing Shop Online offers St. Patrick’s Day savings on high-quality festive green options that are perfect for celebrating this Irish holiday. Buy a few green pieces and accessorize as you wish, or you can considerContinue reading “Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day Right”