Back-to-School Styles

by Maya Bornstein

It’s that time of year again: time to abandon the swimming pool for the dreaded classroom, afternoon TV for all day for lectures, Frisbees for textbooks… But everyone knows that there is one fun part of going back to school: new clothes! And you’re in luck, because has everything you need to look stylish and be comfortable in the new school year.


Unisex Full-Zip Hoodie by Independent

Independent Trading Co.’s full-zip hoodies are a stylish way to kick off the school year!

First of all, the end of summer means chillier days ahead, so you’ll need to layer up to stay warm. Independent Trading Co. has got you cozily covered with their Unisex Full-zip Hooded Sweatshirt, which boasts a slim fit, incredibly soft cotton blend, jersey lining, and convenient pouch pockets. These hoodies come in a variety of eye-catching colors, like Tangerine, Lime, Turquoise, and Cobalt, as well as some more conservative hues, like Gunmetal Grey, Black, White, and Navy. For the younger crowd, check out the Toddler Hooded Full-Zip Sweatshirt from Rabbit Skins, in a cotton-poly blend and five classic colors.


For those warmer days, t-shirts are a must to keep cool. Girls will head back to class in style wearing the Double Ruffle T-shirt from L.A.T. Sportswear, which offers utter comfort in the softest 100% ring-spun cotton. These shirts come in two tones to reflect your versatile personality, with chic ruffles on the sleeves and hems in Lilac/Lavender, Black/Pink, White/Raspberry, and others.

Boys will love Tie-Dyed’s Youth Contrast T-shirt, a groovy take on a classic casual style. Made from 100% cotton, the Contrast tee comes in nine psychedelic shades that will make you look awesome all the time.

For college and high school students, Bella’s shirts are beloved by girls, especially their Flowy Boxy Tee. This flattering style feels cool and breezy when it’s warm out and looks great with jeans or dressed up with a skirt. Guys will appreciate the ultimate comfort of Canvas’s Howard Triblend Short Sleeve T-shirt, in seven vintage colors and a poly/cotton/rayon blend.


Clothing Shop Online knows that many schools require uniforms to be worn. That’s why we provide styles that work for stricter dress codes, like the amazing clothes designed by French Toast. For girls, there’s the Long Sleeve Peter Pan Poplin Blouse with a cotton blend fabric and stylishly rounded collar. Tuck this into their Pleated Scooter, available in Khaki or Navy blue, for a timeless look that goes perfectly with knee-high socks and a book. For boys, the Long Sleeve Oxford Shirt will feel comfortable and look scholarly in White or Blue (also available with short sleeves), especially when paired with the Flat Front Double Knee Twill Pants.

No matter what your personal tastes are, Clothing Shop Online has everything you need to look great in class, on the quad, playing handball, or in the library. Check out our hundreds of awesome styles and save money by buying school uniforms, summery dresses, discount yellow t-shirts online, and everything else you need!

Choosing the Perfect Hoodie

by Maya Bornstein

Whether you’re a jogger, fireplace snuggler, or college student at 8am, hoodies are an indispensable part of your wardrobe. A layering essential, hoodies can be zipped up, left loose, or slung over a shoulder. With the wealth of hoodie options provided to you by ClothingShopOnline, it can be a little overwhelming to pick the one. To address this concern, we’ve put together a brief hoodie tutorial to help you select the hoodie that bests suits your particular needs.

Types of Hoodies

J. America's Full-Zip Hoodie with Sherpa

Indpendent Trading Co.’s full-zip hooded sweatshirt boasts soft, Sherpa lining.

Let’s begin with zipper hoodies. They’re awesome for fast-paced lifestyles – just throw them on and get out the door! Available in all kinds of materials, zippered hoodies are perfect for any climate: you can get in and out of them easily, zip them up if it’s chilly, or wear them unzipped to cool off. Indpendent Trading Co. is a go-to brand for zippered hoodies. Their Full-Zip Hooded Sweatshirt with Sherpa Lining boasts ultimate comfort with a great casual aesthetic. Made from 80% ring-spun cotton and 20% polyester, this item has all the softness and stretch you need for absolute versatility.

Hoodies without zippers are great for locking in the heat and comfort. The W1162 Ladies’ Burnout Sweatshirt from Weatherproof pumps up a classic hoodie style with funky, vibrant colors. In rain or in shine, in Teal Wave or Rainbow Stripe, we promise you’ll look your best and brightest in this groovy piece.

Class vs. Cost

Of course, some people can afford to drop hundreds of dollars on a sweatshirt, but what’s the point? If you’re going for the highest possible quality, go for Independent Trading. This is one company that knows how to do quality, especially judging by their AFX4000 Hooded Pullover and the AFX4000Z Full-zip Hoodie. Both of these awesome sweatshirts are made of a touchable 80/20% cotton-poly blend, with jersey lining and a timeless look. Stay comfy, warm, and truly classy in either of these options. Champion’s Reverse Weave hoodie will serve you just as well with anti-shrinkage technology and high-quality material, allowing you to stay active all day long.

For comfortable material at a lower price, Gildan is the optimum choice. Their 18500 Heavy Blend hoodie rocks anti-pilling fabric with jet-spin yarn and double lining, keeping you protected from the elements at all times. Get this hoodie in a variety of colors, like Paprika, Gold, and Irish Green. For an ultra-cool look, Gildan’s 18700 Heavy Blend Vintage Classic Full-zip provides awesome cross-dyed shades that look simply amazing. In Meadow, Russet, Blackberry, Moss, or Tweed, this is sweatshirt can’t help but turn heads. For the most comfortable option yet, check out Fruit of the Loom’s Supercotton Pullover hoodie. The soft cotton blend will make you melt, and the two-ply hood will keep your face warm in any climate.

Choose Clothing shop online for a wide variety of comfy hoodies, athletic wear, outerwear, and discount green t-shirts online. Choose between styles, fabrics, colors, prices, and find the perfect combination for you. We look forward to helping you look and feel great!

Picking the Perfect T-Shirt

Soft, comfortable, able to be dressed up or down, t-shirts can be worn for nearly every occasion and having a good supply of them is vital for everyone. Whether you look for designer brands or buy discount navy t-shirts online, this comfy style will put you at ease in any environment. Just like any other item of clothing, important factors to consider are material, fit, price, and cut.

Long Sleeve

Long sleeve t-shirts are perfect for cooler days, early-morning jogs, or even winter layering. An awesome choice is the Gildan 2400 Ultra Cotton, which is made from 100% natural cotton that has been pre-shrunk. This incredibly soft shirt will keep you cozy whether you’re running errands on a brisk autumn morning or curling up in front of the fire with a book.

The Canvas 3501 Long-Sleeve Crewneck is another awesome choice, especially for men. Made of the softest ring-spun cotton (a process of spinning the fibers before they are manufactured into a shirt), the Canvas 3501 is softer, more durable, and guaranteed to last for ages. With a simple crewneck cut, the Canvas long-sleeve is a must-have for every guy. For an ultra-cool hooded look, check out the Canvas 3512 Jersey Hooded T-shirt, whose long sleeves and attached hood are also ring-spun and combine for extra warmth and comfort.

Short Sleeve

3105 Unisex Deep V-neckThe Unisex Deep V-neck T-shirt from Canvas will keep you in style!

Short-sleeve t-shirts are even more versatile, as you can layer them or wear them alone on warmer days. Ring-spun fabrics are awesome for short sleeved styles, making them more flattering, stylish, and cozy.

For men, Canvas offers excellent t-shirt options. For a basic style with plenty of comfort, the 3021 Jersey Pocket T-shirt will beat out all of the competition with combed, ring-spun 100% cotton and a breast pocket to amp up its flair. For a more hip style, try the 3105 Unisex Deep V-neck, which not only boasts an extremely flattering cut, but also comes in a large variety of colors for all of your different moods. Whether you’re a Deep Teal kind of guy or you prefer to rock the Heather Raspberry look, rest assured, you’ll be turning heads and feeling great in this tee.

Bella manufactures the best of women’s t-shirts, with top-of-the-line fabrics and designs for every body type. The 6005 Jersey V-neck tee is also made of that legendary ring-spun cotton. The deeper neck allows for more movement, ensuring breathability on the track, in the park, and virtually anywhere else. The Burnout Scoop Neck T-shirt has a fancier air with a cool heathered look and tighter sleeves. This is the ultimate style piece; pair it with a flow-y skirt, and you’ll feel like the most vibrant flower in the garden.

Saving Cash

Saving money is an important priority for many people. So for all of you penny pinchers, we’ve got your needs covered! With Anvil’s t-shirts, style and budget fall in one sentence. For example, the Anvil 980 Fashion Fit t-shirt is still made from ring-spun fabric, providing superior feel and quality for less than $5.00! The Anvil Sustainable T-shirt takes it one step further by costing less and being made of organic recycled materials.

For even cheaper styles, check out brands like Gildan and Hanes. Gildan’s 2000 Ultra Cotton tee and Hanes’ 5180 Beefy-T boast ultimate versatility and simplicity. With 100% cotton fabric and a basic fit, these shirts work for every gender and body type and cost between $2.00 and $5.00, plus they come in over 50 colors! You just can’t do better than that.

No matter your style, t-shirts fit into it. Being the most versatile piece of clothing on earth, a good t-shirt will last for years, offer the highest level of comfort, and look amazing on anyone. Find all of these styles plus hundreds more at Clothing Shop Online, your one-stop-shop for the best discounted clothes.

ClothingShopOnline’s Hottest Summer Styles

Summer is the ultimate time to show off your tan skin, beach body, and flair for fashion. With the wealth of flowing, fun, and sexy summer styles hitting racks around the globe, the opportunities to look cool when it’s hot out become virtually endless. But beware! Fashion can be a fickle friend, so it’s important to stay afloat of what’s in and what’s out every season. Of course, Clothing Shop Online has got you covered in terms of what to seek out this summer, from sifting through designer flip flops to buying discount grey t-shirts online.

Dresses & Skirts

Lacey, solid, floral – whatever you choose, stay flawlessly cool in a dress this summer. Beware of in-between lengths, though; this season is all about extremes. Short dresses are great for day and night, beach or city, while maxi-dresses will keep you looking classy while you walk barefoot along the sand or sip ice tea on the patio of your favorite café. Hint: let your bold femininity shine with bright floral fabrics.

2012 is also all about the pencil skirt. This form-fitting fashion is conservative yet versatile and can be worn at work, on a date, or out for drinks with friends. Alternately, enjoy the free-flowing grace of the mullet skirt, which provides a softer appearance. Since color-blocking is a huge trend this season, juxtapose a bright colored skirt (like bright pink) with another bright colored solid top (maybe in vibrant blue).

Shorts & Pants

Ladies' Sheer JerseyThis Ladies’ Sheer Jersey from Bella is perfect for fashionable summer wear!

Shorts are hands-down the best way to beat the heat while staying active in the sunshine. This year, high-waisted shorts are sweeping the fashion scene, adding elegance to the traditionally grassroots style. Denim, cotton, tweed, tie-waist, or buttons, you simply can’t go wrong with a pair of shorts paired with bright suede flats or wood platforms. For breezier days and evenings, flowery or bright-colored jeans are currently all the rage. Many fashion designers are releasing lines of skinny jeans in bold colors and prints, like hot pink and splashy florals.


Crop tops in bright neon hues are dominating the current fashion market. Making a comeback since their neon hey-day in the eighties, crop tops can be sleeveless or shoulder-covering and come in an array of colors, including yellow, green, orange, and red. Sheer fabrics are also popular and can be dressed up or down with ease. Throw on a sheer black blouse with a turquoise blazer, chunky vintage necklace, and glossy pumps to impress everyone you meet.

Additional trends to look out for are Baroque-style pieces with metallic linings, rompers and jumpsuits, backless dresses, high heels in daring, colorful patterns, retro swimsuits, and oversized floppy hats. No matter what trends you choose, from classic styles to funky new items, the best part of fashion is having fun. For these great summer looks at the most affordable prices, check out our wide selection at Clothing Shop Online!

What to Wear to Your First Yoga Class

Because of its spiritual roots and long prevalence in the Eastern world, yoga has been associated with all the new-age, tofu-eatin’, wheatgrass-shootin’, granola hippie-dippy stuff. But since its emergence into American culture in the 1960’s, this Ancient Indian practice has undergone a dramatic rise in popularity. The public loves yoga, not only as a spiritual ritual, but for the health and fitness of both mind and body.

What’s the Big Deal?

Here’s the little secret that explains the success of the practice and defies the general beliefs of non-enthusiasts: yoga is hard work! Sure, seeing a studio full of perfectly toned, thin, tan people repeating Sun Salutations in unison without breaking a sweat might make it seem like more of a leisurely interpretive dance than an exercise. But make no mistake – yoga has every bit to do with how they got into such great shape in the first place.

So, armed with this knowledge, you’re finally ready to give this thing a shot (that or your best friend is dragging you along to her regular afternoon class). You’ve got your studio picked, your mat purchased, and now comes the issue every novice faces: what do you wear to yoga?

Comfort Is Key

Buy Discount Yoga Clothes Online

Bella’s stylish Ladies’ Cotton/Spandex Yoga Pants are among the finest yoga pants available.

For every type of yogic practice, comfort is the key. Some people favor flowing, loose garments that allow maximum movement. However, regular practitioners argue that this kind of clothing can cause obstructions to various asanas (poses). Loose clothes can get in the way, particularly during inversions and arm balances wherein the body is upturned. Instead, fitted clothes are recommended to allow free movement.

Yoga Pants

For women, many utilize the ever-popular yoga pant; these come in all shapes and can be worn long or Capri-style for minimum hindrance. Some prefer to further reduce the chances of a clothing-related hitch by wearing workout shorts, particularly for Bikram Yoga (where the room is heated to 105°). Sports bras and formfitting tank tops are most recommended.

Tank Tops

Tank tops are customary yoga wear for men as well, although male practitioners will often go shirtless depending on the studio’s particular policies. Shorts are also the male yogi’s best option. Sweatpants or workout pants can often become obstructive, just beware low-riding workout shorts, which do not allow for certain movements.

Whether you get your yoga wear from specialty companies, at the studio, or simply buy discount black t-shirts online, one thing to pay attention to is the clothing’s materials. Look for absorbent, moisture-wicking cloths, which will regulate the body’s temperature, absorb sweat, and keep you cool during those perspiring stretches. Many yoga adherents also prefer clothing made from sustainable, earth-friendly materials, and there is a myriad of companies on our site dedicated to producing environmentally sound wares.

Whether you’re ready to adopt yoga as a way of life or you simply like the exercise it provides, this is one activity where the clothes you wear will make or break a session. Check out Clothing Shop Online for all these great options and more and kick-start a rewarding yoga practice today.

Training Gear Worn by Olympians

With the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London on the horizon, excitement is running high all over the world. While audiences gear up to enjoy the two-week serving of competitive sporting events, like running, cycling, swimming, diving, tennis, basketball and a whole host of others, participating athletes from all over the world train to take on the competition.

All kinds of measures are taken to ensure the safety of these men and women. They are the jewels of their respective countries and must thrive under immense pressure. The impending games will test not only their physical strength, stamina, and sportsmanship, but their mental and emotional fortitudes as well.

Buy Discount White Athletic T-Shirts

The Double Dry Performance T-Shirt from Champion is perfect for any athletic activity.

With so much at stake, wearing the right clothes during training is critical for Olympian athletes. Competitive cyclists swear by padded biking shorts. They typically opt for tighter fits that provide top-notch comfort and flexibility – ensuring protection and mobility. Same goes for tops, especially for women. Utmost support and defense is required so female athletes can train and compete to their fullest potential without being impeded by nature.

The right shoes are some of the most imperative factors in workout gear, especially for runners and players of sports like tennis, basketball, soccer, etc. Shoes that lack proper support can vastly hinder performance and even cause injuries to the feet, legs, and back. Runners should look for absolutely correct fit, support, comfort, balance, stability, and impact absorption, as well as adjust for issues like high arches, flat feet, and pronation or supination.

Any Olympian athlete will tell you that the items you wear to train and compete are incredibly important. By wearing gear that affords great support, comfort, safety, and movement, not only will you look better, but you’ll feel and train better too. If you’re looking for the best of the best in sportswear, check out Clothing Shop Online today. We sell everything you need, from Olympian quality athletic wear to discount white t-shirts, online for your convenience!

Blue T-Shirts: Blue is Beautiful

When it comes to choosing a color for a t-shirt, no color is quite as crisp, classic, and clean as blue. Blue symbolizes royalty and comes in many different shades: navy, royal, cyan and light blue. Blue is beautiful, and by purchasing a t-shirt in the perfect shade of blue, you can be too!

Clothing Shop Online offers you the best selection of t-shirts on the web. Just as the colors of blue are as immeasurable as the stars in the sky, so is the variety of manufacturers who carry blue t-shirts. We’ve selected the best of the best and are happy to provide you with a massive selection of blue t-shirts manufactured to ensure comfort, style, and durability.

Buy Discount Blue T-Shirts Online

Fuit of the Loom’s HD Cotton T-Shirt in Columbia Blue. This t-shirt also comes in Light, Navy, Denim, Royal and Pacific Blue.

Fruit of the Loom may have made a name for itself by producing quality underwear, but the company’s t-shirts are as soft and comfortable as they come. If you’re looking for a great t-shirt that can be worn by any member of the family, Fruit of the Loom is a name you can trust! It is the leader in the industry and has come to be trusted by Americans nationwide.

Similarly, Champion manufactures great sportswear, including blue t-shirts, which are great to wear on many different occassions. Blue t-shirts can be worn at country clubs, during Fourth of July barbeques, and everywhere else summer takes you.

Although we do carry many name brands, Clothing Shop Online also carries clothing produced by lesser-known companies, yet quality-driven companies. For example, Comfort Colors has been producing clothing since 1975. It has stayed on top of the newest dyeing technologies and defines its success by the relationships its built throughout the years.

Every manufacturer we carry at Clothing Shop Online has been hand-picked and chosen for a variety of reasons, all of which resonate in the quality products they produce. Every item on our website, blue t-shirts and otherwise, will prove to be cost-effective and as durable as clothing can be. T-shirts are great; they can be worn in all types of weather and with shorts or pants. If you’re in the market for a new blue t-shirt, browse our selection today! We’re sure you’ll find just what you’re looking for; at Clothing Shop Online…that’s our goal!

So You Want a Red T-Shirt?

One of the most beloved animated television characters, Bart Simpson, is synonymous with a red t-shirt. If you’re like Bart Simpson and love red t-shirts or are simply looking to add some to your wardrobe, Clothing Shop Online is a great place to buy discount red t-shirts online at affordable prices. Even better, we have tons of varieties to choose from.

If you’ve been browsing the web for a great place to buy discount red t-shirts at affordable prices, you’ve come to the right place. Clothing Shop Online brings you the best selection of affordable t-shirts for men, women, and children.

Buy Discount Red T-Shirts Online

Anvil’s affordable Short Sleeve Performance T-Shirt comes in red, along with many other stylish colors.

Anvil, a clothing manufacturer whose collection combines yoga with contemporary design, has a great red t-shirt for both men and women. The best thing about Alo’s t-shirts is their functionality; while they are comfortable enough to wear while working out, they are also stylish enough to wear to a casual lunch or stroll down fashionable shopping avenues. With Alo, you won’t have to sacrifice style for function.

Similarly, Colorado Clothing Company has a great selection of t-shirts, red included! The company’s line of clothes is inspired by active lifestyles and is guaranteed to provide unsurpassed comfort and softness to those who sport the brand.

For those who are more interested in everyday wear than sportswear, Clothing Shop Online has plenty of red t-shirts for you to choose from. Unlike most online clothing shops, we don’t just provide one type of clothing; we sell everything from sportswear and outerwear to casualwear!

And last but not least, Hanes! Hanes has been the go-to brand for families of the past, present, and future! The name is trusted, and its stellar reputation is not unwarranted! Hanes is known for manufacturing some of the simplest, yet best clothing in the industry, so browse for your red Hanes t-shirt today!

Whether you wear red t-shirts religiously like Bart Simpson or are just looking to add one to your wardrobe, we have a great selection of red t-shirts from the brands mentioned above, as well as many others! So what are you waiting for? Start browsing today!

Clothing Shop Online Makes Fashion Easy for Men

Here’s the thing about being a guy: you’ve got to look good, without looking like you’re trying to look good… or actually trying. The last thing on most men’s minds is fashion, but when it comes to the things men do care about – landing jobs, sculpting guns, or wooing beautiful ladies – clothing choice often plays a critical role.

Fortunately, Clothing Shop Online makes dressing the part quick, easy, and affordable for every type of guy – from the jeans and a t-shirt dude all the way to the CEO, with the gym rats, hipsters, outdoorsmen, and “fashionist-os” (yes – they deserve a nickname too) who fall in between.

Get the Clothes. Get the Job.

Discount Calvin Klein Shirt
Calvin Klein Slim Fit Cotton Stretch Striped Shirt

Having neat and well-fitting clothes is essential in a business setting. Oftentimes, getting the job, the deal, the promotion, or even the keys to the company car comes down to your level of professionalism – which includes appearance. Fortunately, with the dress shirt offerings from Clothing Shop Online, you don’t have to an executive account or metal credit card to afford classic office styles.

While you may think you can only find Calvin Klein at high-end retailers and department stores, the acclaimed designer, known for smart masculine styles, offers several dress shirt options on Clothing Shop Online. The Cotton Stretch Shirt (offered in stream blue, black, ash, and white) is a standard for any businessman. And Calvin Klein’s Slim Fit Cotton Stretch (or Striped) Shirt is perfect for the man who finishes his wife’s fries, still has room for dessert, and doesn’t have to go to the gym the next morning. Yes, every woman hates you. But we can’t stay grumpy long, when you look so sharp in your slim-fitted dress shirt!

For more affordable options, check out Sierra Pacific’s Long Sleeve Cotton Twill Shirt, FeatherLite’s Long Sleeve Oxford Shirt, or Van Heusen’s Long Sleeve Oxford Shirt. And for the crème de la crème, Van Heusen’s No-iron Pinpoint Oxford shirt ensures maximum class with minimum upkeep.

What Women Want

Colorado Clothing Hooded Soft Shell Jacket

What do ladies love: men’s men, boy’s boys. Rugged, classic, carefree. No girl wants a boy who spends more time worrying about clothes (or hair for that matter) than she does. And though she loves you in a suit, there’s nothing more attractive to her than your relaxed weekend style. 3 o’clock shadow included.

To win her heart with your casual-cool, Clothing Shop Online is happy to offer all the basics you need. With its soft look and feel, tri-blend is all the rage for men these days. Stock up on Canvas’s Triblend V-Neck T-shirts, in classic navy and charcoal, as well as vivid blue, light red, and green (who said men can’t wear fun colors?). On Clothing Shop Online, with a single click of a button, your weekend wardrobe is complete within minutes and minimal damage to your wallet (extra cash for roses?). Match these form-fitting (and muscle-defining) tees with your favorite jeans (Levis?) and any of Clothing Shop Online’s casual men’s sports caps for the classic look that wins ladies hearts one romantic comedy at a time. Unfortunately, you’ll have to buy the yellow lab and Frisbee elsewhere.

Both your boss and your girlfriend have something in common: they expect you to look good if you want to keep the job. Dress to impress them both with the many offerings for men on Clothing Shop Online.