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Comfort Colors Brand Guide

John C.


John C.


August 7, 2023

Aug 22, 2023

Comfort Colors Brand Guide

Comfort Colors is a line of ultra-soft tees, tanks, and sweatshirts in an assortment of brilliant colors. Part of the Gildan family of brands, Comfort Colors clothing has gained a reputation for being as colorful as it is cozy. Get to know the brand and why it’s so beloved by creators and casual apparel aficionados alike!

What is Comfort Colors?

Since 1975, Comfort Colors has been an industry leader in blank apparel. Their small-batch approach to garment dyeing and pigment dyeing gives Comfort Colors its brilliant hues in a rainbow of colors and a soft-to-the-touch finish that resists shrinking. As if their commitment to quality and color wasn’t enough to set them apart, Comfort Colors also places an emphasis on sustainability, striving for greener measures in their operations and products. 

Comfort Colors Fit

Comfort Colors favors a more relaxed, slightly oversized fit when it comes to t-shirt sizing. This slightly slouchy fit works with the brand’s mandate: comfort! However, Comfort Colors does offer some items that are slightly more fitted, such as the Comfort Colors 3333 Garment-Dyed Women’s Midweight T-Shirt. Due to the brand’s generous cut, your normal size may be a bit roomier than usual on you! 

Comfort Colors Size Chart

Comfort Colors tees are available in men’s/unisex, women’s, and kids/youth sizes. Although sizing may vary on some products, Comfort Colors is quite consistent on most of their tees, with some variation for semi-fitted women’s styles.

Comfort Colors Dye Process

Comfort Colors utilizes a garment dyeing process, dyeing the fabric after a shirt has been constructed, then washed. This makes for a softer shirt and slight color variations, giving you a truly unique piece of apparel. Comfort Colors also uses a few other different dyeing techniques to create clothing that checks all the boxes for a soft finish and eye-catching hues. 


Comfort Colors staked its claim as the original pigment dye company. A type of garment-dyeing, the pigment dye process uses pigments (vs. dyes) to create a more weathered look that gradually fades. The end result is a shirt that looks lived-in, while still retaining an attractive color and shape over time. For example, check out the Comfort Colors 1717 tee. With more than 70 hues to choose from, your shirt’s colors will fade beautifully over time, still giving you gorgeous color – just a few shades lighter due to the pigment dye process. 

Comfort Colors 4017

Direct Dye Process

Another garment-dye technique, the direct-dye process uses organic dyes that soak into the fabric alongside a chemical reaction process. This technique creates vivid colors that won’t fade with time, such as the Comfort Colors 6030 pocket tee, available in 60+ colors, ranging from earthy neutrals to soft pastels and jewel tones. Even after multiple washings, your shirt will stay as vivid as the first time you wore it! 

Comfort Colors 6030

Pigment spraying

Comfort Colors’ Color Blast styles are created using a pigment-spraying process. Instead of soaking a garment in dye, pigment-spraying spritzes dye onto the garment, giving it a unique, irregular pattern that looks a bit like a tonal tie-dye effect. Add some pigment-sprayed joy to your wardrobe with the Comfort Colors 1545 Color Blast Crewneck Sweatshirt, perfect for keeping cozy on a crisp autumn day or lounging around the house for a kicked-back weekend. 

Comfort Colors 1545

Comfort Colors Color Chart

Comfort Colors offers 82 unique colors, some of which have been favorites since the brand’s inception in 1975. Check out Comfort Colors swatches and find your favorite color among the bunch, including the brand’s pigment-dyed shades!

Comfort Colors FAQs

Do Comfort Colors clothes shrink?

Comfort Colors clothing is pre-shrunk, so your new favorite tee, tank, or sweatshirt won’t shrink after washing. 

Does Comfort Colors apparel run big/small?

Comfort Colors apparel typically runs slightly bigger than most brands if you order your normal size. Also, because Comfort Colors garments are pre-shrunk, your shirt will stay a bit roomier, even after you wash and dry it on a low temperature setting. 

Is Comfort Colors clothing pre-shrunk?

Yes, Comfort Colors are pre-shrunk. You won’t need to worry about them shrinking up in the wash. 

Is Comfort Colors apparel unisex?

Comfort Colors offers unisex options for tees and sweatshirts, as well as sizes for men, women, and kids. Some women’s tees and tanks have a semi-fitted style, while men’s and unisex Comfort Colors apparel has a roomier, boxier fit. 

Do Comfort Colors bleed?

Some Comfort Colors products – particularly those that undergo the pigment-dye process, which allows colors to gradually fade for a more lived-in look – can bleed slightly. Read your shirt’s care label carefully and follow all instructions, washing only with similar colors in case they bleed. 

Discover effortless customization with Comfort Colors 

Comfort Colors is one of the top makers of blank apparel, giving you an endless assortment of colors to choose from on top of sublime softness. Whether you’re planning on printing a small batch of custom tees or slipping on your new favorite sweatshirt in a color you love, Comfort Colors has something for everyone. Clothing Shop Online carries a wide selection of Comfort Colors apparel. Browse through our collection today!

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