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Pre-Shrunk vs. Pre-Washed: What's the Difference?



March 21, 2023

Jun 28, 2024

Pre-Shrunk vs. Pre-Washed: What's the Difference?

As a consumer, it’s important to learn about the differences between pre-shrunk and pre-washed fabrics. When you purchase clothing items, knowing how these terms relate to one another and what they mean can assist you in purchasing the pieces that meet your needs. To find out more about these terms, read through the important information, provided by your Clothing Shop Online material experts.

                          What is Pre-Shrunk?

Pre-shrunk t-shirts are manipulated by the manufacturer using a controlled process to shrink the fabric before selling them. Pre-shrunk materials can be washed and dried after purchasing and the material is usually able to form back to its original shape. The items offered through Clothing Shop Online will indicate if they are preshrunk, such as the Men’s Jerzees – Dri-Power Active Triblend Baseball Raglan T-Shirt. Items like these should hold their sizes relatively well, but can still shrink a bit in the wash, especially if care instructions are not followed.

                              Alright, What is Pre-Washed?

Keep in mind that pre-washed is a bit different than pre-shrunk when it comes to materials. Pre-washed garments have been washed after being manufactured, but the materials have not necessarily gone through the pre-shrunk process. Pre-washed cotton garments are more likely to hold their colors better and are known to be absent of chemicals that may have been used during processing. Many consumers prefer pre-washed materials because they are known to still hold shape well during washing but also continue to maintain fabric integrity.

                                                                                          Do They Shrink in the Wash?

While pre-shrunk t-shirts have been through the shrinking process and should hold their shape relatively well, you may still experience a bit of shrinking after the first wash. Cotton is known to shrink when exposed to water, heat, and agitation, all of which it will experience during the washing process. Pre-washed materials may also be manipulated in size a bit when washed and dried for the first time at home. However, when choosing a pre-washed or pre-shrunk garment, you will experience much less shrinkage or loss of shape than you would with a garment who has not gone through these processes during manufacturing.

                                                                                                                                          Which Is Better?

The type of garment you decide to purchase is completely up to you and your preferences. You may decide a pre-washed cotton material is best for your needs because you want to ensure that the colors of your garment remain vibrant and that your garment is free of chemicals. On the other hand, you may decide to order pre-shrunk t-shirts because the fit of the garment is most important to you. While these garments may still shrink a bit after washing, they are more likely to hold their original shape.

No matter which type of garment you choose, always follow the care instructions on the tag when you wash or care for your items. Whether you decide on pre-shrunk or pre-washed, you can find the perfect garment at an affordable price through Clothing Shop Online. Snag your next new garment today!

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