Tools That Every Screen Printer Should Have

While there are many styles and approaches to screen printing, you’ll need a handful of basic tools to produce a variety of designs. Screen-printing is a technique by which designs are reproduced by transferring ink through a stenciled, mesh screen onto a substrate. The technique is also sometimes referred to as silkscreen printing or serigraphy.Continue reading “Tools That Every Screen Printer Should Have”

10 Upcycling Crafts for Spring

A new season means a whole new set of DIY projects to try out, and with Spring in full swing, there are plenty of opportunities to try out your crafting skills. Why is this the perfect time to get started on those Pinterest perfect projects? It’s because of spring cleaning! With all the excess garmentsContinue reading “10 Upcycling Crafts for Spring”

14 Cheap & Easy DIY Christmas Gifts

The holidays are a time for fun and laughter, but it can feel overwhelming with the long to-do list you have. In between decorating your home, sending out Christmas cards and visiting your family, somehow, you also have to fit in all your gift shopping! If it’s your Christmas shopping list that’s stressing you out, weContinue reading “14 Cheap & Easy DIY Christmas Gifts”

Cheap & Easy DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

If you’re excited to celebrate Halloween but you’re not looking forward to buying a costume, you should consider taking on a DIY project. Making your own costume or a costume for your kids or other family members can be fun, memorable and a cheap alternative to a store-bought costume. There are tons of Halloween costumesContinue reading “Cheap & Easy DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids”

8 Graphic Tee Ideas for Fall

Fall is right around the corner and it’s always a fun season to get into the spirit with. Cool-weather, falling leaves, dark colors and pumpkin-flavored everything is just some of the best things to love about fall. Whether your business needs new t-shirt designs or you’re an artist who wants to screen print fall-themed shirtsContinue reading “8 Graphic Tee Ideas for Fall”